• Suck your mum

    I think that mammoths are big and hairy. Just like Nigel Farage. A aa a a a a a a BIG YES FOR JEREMY CORBYN and the gang. #ganggang 67 harlem Spartans 410 OFB MEB SSB GANG GANG THANK U FOR READING this is a waste of my tine anyway u are

  • Waste of money currently

    There is thousands of other issues going on in the world atm. I think the money currently being spent on the restoration of mammoths could be spended more productively (not that i have a problem with mammoths but i just don't think it should be a priority). From woody in my op

  • Yes yes yes

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  • Mammoth big yes

    Hello and today i would like to talk about bringing back the woolly mammoth. It is going to be a mammoth countrie and it would be cool if you know what I mean. I think Yes as the are cool and deserve to be in the world. Also mad pen ting

  • The wooly mammoth should be brought back

    The wooly mammoth should be brought back so people can experience animals i a zoo that they've never see before. Also, It would educate the future generations how important it is to preserve the environment we live in. Long live the legend Jeremy Corbyn and big up my wooly mammoth my g

  • Mammoth big yes

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  • They are... Cool i guess

    We should bring back the mammoth because do you know how interesting it would be to see a woolly mammoth... It would be awesome that's why we SHOULD bring back the mammoth and do u know how much we could learn from the mammoth... Probably a lot, we need to bring it back

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  • The woolly mammoth is awesome

    The woolly mammoth is a great creature and we should bring it back! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! @ renbrook . Net ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Do it !

  • The wooly mammoth is awesome

    O o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o

  • If we are bring the mammoth back, the people will kill them, and to get the money.

    The mammoth comeback is the bad thing, because if the mammoth come back the people will kill them and then they will get the money, and the mammoth will be less then less, finally, mammoth will extinct again, and I hope if the mammoth come back, people and government can protect mammoth.

  • Mammoths cant survive

    1. They might bring new diseases
    2. How will we take care of them
    2a. They normally live in herds
    2b. The parent(mother) might have a difficult birth and lose a bond to the baby like cows do.
    3. They might not even find a intact piece of DNA
    4.The current climate isn't ideal for fat hairy mammoths who evolved to be in the colder climate.
    5. They will be hunted for there tusks like african elephants.
    6. Species are meant to die if we bring them back we are cheating death and eventually nothing can die and we will be overpopulated like gideons world(for die-hard Star trek fans)
    7. They might go extinct just like before and we wont be able to bring them back unless we mapped the possibilities of inherited diseases in the DNA.
    8. They might evolve to be more superior to us.

  • What about extinction?

    This would make the endangered species act become vulnerable to lawmakers; Officials would simply be able to say that if it dies, we can just bring it back! No protection would be offered to so many endangered plants and animals! We should be happy with the environment that we already have!

  • Not a chance

    I believe this experiment should NOT go on and these are the reasons why.

    What would you do with a Mammoth?

    Yeah, Mammoths can be cool to see but what would we do with it. We surely wouldn’t kill it because we would have to wait another 5 years for a new Mammoth and it would just cost a lot more money.

    Where would we keep it?

    Mammoths are gigantic animals and they need a place to stay. They need a very cold place to live in and that place would have to be Alaska, considering that Alaska is a VERY cold state.
    Also, a lot of people won't be able to see the Mammoth because Alaska is technically across the world.


    Mammoths can be extremely dangerous for humans because when the Mammoth gets older it will be able to start injuring other people.


    They’ll have to be using a lot of money for this to go on, but the money could be used for a better cause. Like diseases or cancer.

    The hunt

    People are going to start hunting the Mammoth again, there are people who are 100% rude and will kill the Mammoth just for fun, I mean.. It’s honestly just a waste of time!


    Since Mammoths are herbivores they’re going to need a lot of food to fill them up, which means people are going to have to do a lot of work for this to happen. Mammoths eat a TON of plants since they’re so big and they need a lot of food to fill them up.


    Overall Woolly Mammoths are very dangerous and should not be brought back to life again, this is why the Wooly Mammoth experiment should not go on.

  • Why do we need to?

    - the elephants will be hurt and abused, they don't go very well in habitats anyway.
    -its like playing 'god', animals had their shot being alive and they where selected for extinction, it might have been in the form of humans, but they still when extinct
    -the enrolment they are used to will not be there due to global warming

  • We shouldn't bring the back.

    This world is not suitable for those mammoths, so what the point of bringing them back. Instead, we can put a elephant dipped in glue and then dipped and hair = mammoth!. YAY : ) basically it's a waste of money lol. So yea don't bring them back. T_T : )

  • Crazy ideas !

    Their habitat has changed and it's unethical to bring animals back from extinction. Humans would kill them again so it's a waste of time money and resources. Put the effort into something more important like cures for diseases. It's not the right thing to do so forget about it !

  • Not NECCESARY at all

    Y would u harm a animal like that if u cant even feed it the nutrition it needs or others like its kind so it can interact with mammoths like its kind and it also could have gruesome health problems and it cant be put anywhere in a habitat cold enough

  • Where do we draw the line

    As lovely as it is to imagine bringing animals back from extinction I fear it might cause unintentional harm for the following reasons:
    1 - Imagine if we could one day bring many animals (maybe even dinosaurs), how do we decide which one's we resurrect? All of them, the one's we like, the one's we caused to go extinct?
    2 - The natural habitats of extinct animals are likely long gone or diminishing. Imagine if we did bring something like a mammoth back only for it to go extinct again.
    3 - Reintroducing extinct animals into existing ecosystems could cause unforeseen consequences. Perhaps the extinct species will out-compete extant animals or upset the food chain etc causing other animals to die off.
    4 - It could undermine our conservation efforts. Why bother saving animals when we can simply collect some of their DNA and bring them back as and when is convenient for us.

    It is my opinion that we accept that these animals died off and focus our attention instead on those which are still alive and finding a better way to co-exist.

  • Where do we draw the line

    Whilst I don't especially mind the idea of bringing an animal back from extinction it does raise the questions of where do we draw the line and what consequences will it hold?
    Firstly let's imagine that in the future we could also bring back other long extinct animals perhaps even things like dinosaurs. Do we bring them all back, just the one's we choose or just the one's that would have existed without our species killing them? Secondly their natural habitats are either gone or diminishing away so would they not just go extinct again? Imagine that, being the first animal with the unfortunate distinction of being made extinct twice. Thirdly by reintroducing extinct animals we risk upsetting current ecosystems where the resurrected species might out-compete existing species etc causing potentially more animals to go extinct.
    I propose that instead of worrying about resurrecting animals that are dead and gone we focus on protecting those which are still alive so that we don't need to bring them back from the dead - prevention is better than cure.
    One final thought is that our being able to bring extinct animals back might make us flippant and complaisant about conservation efforts - after-all why bother protecting them when we need only get some DNA and we can bring them back as and when we feel like it.

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