• The earth is the host we are the guest.

    The earth is all we have when it comes down to it, without the earth we as humans would be nothing. If we do not keep the earth clean then we would be basically eating straight garbage. That is why it is up to us to rise up and pick up after our selves. If not then we would all be rittled with disease and we all would be very sick. SO PLEASE PICK UP SOME TRASH. I know you dont want to cuz you are a cool kid. But without the earth you wouldnt be cool anymore so please support what makes you cool. And dont bite the hand that feeds you.

  • Yeeeesssssss weeeeee shoooouuulld

    The earth is in danger! How are we supposed to live if we cant even save our own kind!! We need to take action! If we dont we cant have the future we imagined! Hover boards floating cars jet packs! Sek a justing jackets!

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