Should we try to cure psychopathic and sociopathic disorders from our gene pool?

Asked by: psychohare360
  • I understand that at one point in our evolution it was necessary but...

    Today we live on an age of information and technology that could eradicate disease, increase food supplies, even space travel. But the problem is that our species if its to survive must evolve by eradicating the anti social traits that have psychopaths in positions of power start pointless wars and death. I say we need to figure out a way that can correct the brain chemistry of those inflicted so they can feel empathy and understand the harm of their actions. I know it sounds sci fi

  • Mark them well.

    Think they're rational? The only logic is their own. Think they're not all harmful? A childs brain is like warm play-dough until 5 years old; now put it in the hands of a pathological liar. It is impossible to have enough laws in place to protect against them. They slip through every crack, _masquerading as humans_. No more equality. We need a dualistic system of ethics to deal them, opposite in every way to humans. Guilty until proven innocent and then still guilty. Monitored closely. No voting, no weapons, no vehicles, no authority. No rights, no freedoms. Think they're useful? Sure. Mine-shaft workers, cannon-fodder, guinea pigs, triage organ donors, raw blood-and-tissue.

    I think the field of behavioural epigenetics will have the answer. If not, I will have no problem sending up a list of 'relatives' when we march them into the ovens.

  • Get rid of them

    Eliminate equality, identify two kinds of 'human'. Dualistic ethical system and rights. They slip through every crack. Imprison and execute them for what they are, not what they do. A psychopath is guilty until proven innocent, and then still guilty. Think they're purely rational? The only logic they follow is their own. They contaminate everyone they communicate with. I wouldn't keep a pile of virus-infected computers around, would you? Mark them for parts. Blood and tissue in a triage scenario. Food for the ovens.

  • They started all genocides

    Psychopaths should be exterminated before they start another genocide. They also kill normal people in smaller scale all the time. They are the worst school bullies, Corrupting people. They torture and kill animals just for fun. They are not humans, And if you disagree with me, You're a lucky idiot who has not known too many of them.

  • 1. There may be a better treatment, we don't know enough yet 2. In Tampering with the Mind we risk destroying valuable differences in perspective

    Two Points

    1. Just because a study finds correlations between genes and certain behaviors or certain outcomes does not mean that the genes determine the entire thing.

    There are genes that increase the chance of being a liberal or being a conservative, yet some people change their political opinions.

    And since genes work by coding for proteins which typically get used for a variety of different purposes it may be throwing the baby out with the bathwater to change certain genes. It may lead to better outcomes to use protein therapy, drugs, or even just environmental interventions since the environment can effect the expression of genes.

    2. In this case, there are people who show the brain scan and genes for "psychopaths" but who don't commit crimes or harm people for no reason. James Fallon is a famous example, and wrote a book about it called "The Psychopath Inside: A Neuroscientist's Personal Journey into the Dark Side of the Brain". He does still have some similar traits, and whether he is or is not still a psychopath is a matter of semantics but he's a good example for why direct tampering with DNA may be a bad idea in this case. He's not a bad person, he just thinks differently. In fact he's benefiting society since he's a neuroscientist. What if his unique perspective played a role in his research? What if there are things we would not have learned if he had been 'cured'?

    Gene therapy promises to be a boom to our health, but when considering the mind we must be careful that in treating 'disease' we're not actually eliminating different ways of thinking that have played a part in the diverse dynamics that make us who we are.

  • Why should we?

    I get psychopathic, but sociopaths are one of the many things that helped shape the USA, and the world actually. I'm a sociopath my self, and no I'm not saying that so that my arguments sound more reasonable, I'm actually a sociopath. Sociopaths, by definition, are people who don't fear hurting most people. They're very rational, even in a horrific situation like a battle where many of his friends had been killed. Sociopaths don't care much for one mans life, unless they immediately know a way to stop all deaths in a situation. That's kind of like saying there are 6 people on a runaway train. The only way to stop it is to push the fat guy next to you into the train. The train is about to hit a wall. What do you do? Most normal people would hesitate and think for a second, and then push, but without hesitation a sociopath would ram the fat guy with all his might. As I said, sociopaths are much more rational, so without hesitation he would chose one life over the other. It was pretty interesting to see that sociopaths would push him without hesitation while normal people would hesitate and think. Think of it like a test for being a sociopath. Oh, and curing them from our gene pools would be basically impossible anyway, if you show the genes of a psychopath/sociopath, they would blow your brains out? There are some people with the "psychopath gene" who do nothing bad at all. It would be like racism, except more on the level of slavery...

  • They should be killed not cured

    These people are unlikely to change their habit even if we rehabilitate because it's a disorder that you conceive it since you were a child.Does rehabilitation bring good nor bad ? Nothing,it doesn't make anything better,in fact only worse because our money and taxes would be waste a lot on treatment for these sick bastard.It would be more senseful if we invest our earning to somebody who are valuable to society. Psychopath truly can't contribute any good or benefit to society because of their sickness.Many,murderer ,rapist and other violent criminals.So they are merely just only a burden and trouble maker to society.We don't have them spare them off if we don't want to.To my proposal, i suggest to kill them all.They should get wipe out ,all of them !!!

  • At least 23%

    At least 23% of psychopaths are not on the wrong side of the law, and therefore are not represented by studies adademics administer which are tainted by the dreadful "convenience sample." It's easier to test the extreme convicts, so why bother representing those functional in society who merely have a different brain structure from most people but very rarely actually do anything noticeable? Those same studies shape the mass's perception of psychopaths as a whole with no regard whatsoever to an entire quarter of the population. Even those psychopaths convicted may have been convicted on grounds independent of their psycopathy, just as the neurotypical can be convicted for factors independent of their own mental states. The rights of the many should not be disregarded in fear of the actions of the few, since the only psychopaths of whom most people are even aware are the extreme of the extreme in terms of violence and criminal behaviour.

  • They are useful

    They contribute so much to society. They make the best managers because they are willing to make tough decisions. The make the best lawyers. They make the best soldiers. Plus, they are one hundred percent rational, and a purely rational animal is great to have around in a society based primarily on making sure everyone feels good.

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