Should we try to stop having babies to stop overpopulation?

Asked by: DylanTheGreatk
  • We should adopt instead

    Earth population has been growing a lot and I believe the best way to stop overpopulation is to stop having babies and to start adopting. If we don't do that then human population will grow too much and humans could go extinct. Let's stop having babies for the human race to survive!

  • We can Control it and not stop having babies

    Why would we stop having babies , how is the world going to go on. With all do respect but if you think its ok to kill an innocent baby, then there is something wrong with you because once you stop having babies; people will go and try to have an abortion and that's killing an innocent baby. If you don't want to have a baby than don't have sex or have protected sex.

  • Controlled, not stopped.

    If you ask me, what we should be doing is working on a way to temporarily sterilize people. From there, people have to qualify to be allowed to have kids and have the process temporarily reversed. This way we can help insure that kids are raised by parents who are not only able to financially but in all other aspects as well. Look at all the problems we would resolve. An end to unwanted pregnancy so no abortion issue. Kids would only be born to parents who are financially stable and mentally sound so an end to kids being raised in poverty and in dysfunctional families or abusive parents. Sure, this would cause many people who want kids to be denied but it would also encourage them to do better.

  • Most kids get adopted anyways

    I don't want to play a China and unfortunately people are under the impression that sex is inevitable. If women get pregnant, if we aren't allowed to have children, then abortions would take place. Given that this kills an unborn fetus, and given that science says that a fetus is a human being, it would be wrong to require people to stop having children.

    Also, if anyone should reproduce less, it's Africa. They are the ones who are doing the reproducing. While I'm pro life, I support condoms that would help reduce the pregnancy and abortion rate in Africa.

    Posted by: asta

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