Should we upgrade the school system a bit more to cater towards students?

Asked by: plainoldbread
  • Schools should adjust their systems to better suit the schedule and individual learning of the student population.

    First and foremost, from what I have experienced, high schools start class at around 7 in the morning. I think that if they started class later in the morning--9:00, maybe--then students would be better rested, and therefore more able to learn. Second, also only coming from experience, schools have standards that some just aren't able to reach, which holds those students back. If schools were more focused on individual learning of the required standards, students would--on average--learn more as a class per term. Finally, some schools have insufficient food options. Not variety, but nutrition, is the problem. If school cafeterias served more healthy food, students would be more prepared to learn through the remainder of the day. Overall, if schools improved their ways of teaching and supporting, then the future generations of the world would be better prepared to resolve the predicaments and conflicts of Earth.

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