Should we use any means necessary to extract information for the sake of national Security

  • Yes it does

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  • Only if we never claim to be for peace and justice again and we stop claiming to be the "world police"

    "By any means necessary" is a very broad term. What could this mean?

    What you could mean by that is torture, Or if we are being politically correct "enhanced interrogation. " The problem is, There is no sufficient evidence that proves that torture actually works. Actually, There may be more evidence to the contrary. The CIA themselves even said that their "enhanced interrogation" program was ineffective and morally abhorrent. There has been no shortage of cases where the United States, As well as other countries, Has tortured (and in some cases killed) innocent people. In my opinion, The fact that we do not have proper evidence to support the effectiveness of torture, And the fact that we don't always get the right people is enough to justify never doing torture.

    We may also issue threats of aggression in order to extract information in some cases. "Any means necessary" implies that whatever it takes to ensure the safety of our nation, We will do. Does that mean we threaten to kill hostages, Threaten to bomb a country, Threaten nuclear war? All of the above are not morally justifiable in my opinion even if there were lives at stake. Why not actually do something substantive to better protect ourselves instead of resorting to murder? The US has already been killing thousands of innocent civilians in the Middle East and in Africa over the last decade, Let's not add more to the kill count.

    For a country that claims we are a country fighting for justice and peace, We really like to move the goal post when it comes to our own actions as a country.

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