• Why Not Use Them?

    Does anyone remember Henrey Ford? Good. You are going to have to remember him for this debate.
    Does FORD ring a bell? Yes. That car we all see driving on the freeway.
    Well, now that we have gotten those facts down, how do they connect to the fact that we should use biofuels?
    Three Words:
    Ford did it.
    How do you think he powered his first car he created?
    Its shining brightly in front of you.
    Amazing! Wow! I am now educated!
    So if the first car was originally created to use biofuels as a gas mechanism, why NOT use it today?
    BOOM! Now you decide? Should we use biofuels? I know my answer.

  • There are many ways to process them, and they use bits of plants, we normally wouldn't use.

    Yes. Biofuels, unlike common belief, can actually be made using certain microbes. This means they could be turned into fuel while in their silos, not requiring processing. They also can be made using bits of plants we would normally throw out, such as the stalks of corn, or the leaves of trees, to name a few. These things would usually be destroyed, but biofuel uses scraps, making it extremely efficient.

  • Algae Biofuel Can Be the WInner

    While corn ethanol increases food costs and decreases the quality of the corn for consumption, algae biofuels can be produced in 1/7 of the area, allowing corn farmers to return to growing corn for consumption. Algae is grown at a quicker rate, can be harvested quicker and actually uses CO2 to grow.

  • Bio fuels are unhealthy

    The use of biofuels are no different than petrol. They both release emissions that are harmful to the environment. The making of bio fuels is harmful to the cities and towns in and around the plant the processes the fuels. The using of bio ethanol can jack up food prices because food would be in higher demand.

  • Research to improve these is good however current Biofuel is bad.

    This is because:
    It raises the price for food.(Document 8)
    Poor nations will develop riots based off of the higher food prices.(Document 8)
    Unlike most controversial issues, democrats and republicans both don't like this idea.(Document 8)
    Ethanol has bad milage and it costs more.(Document 8)
    Biofuels pollute more than gasoline.(http://www.Naturalnews.Com/029421_biofuels_CO2.Html)

  • We should not use biofuels.

    Bio-fuels end up consuming more energy than they produce. Plants need to be grown and harvested, and then shipped to a processing plant, and finally, after being turned into fuel, transported to a fuel dispensary. This is usually less efficient that just using crude oil. Unfortunately, bio-fuels are a waste of energy.

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