Should we use green energy sources that could endanger animals?

  • Any energy source has the potentional to endanger all

    Any green energy source has the potential to cause harm to animals. There is no such thing as an ethical green energy source. All energy sources invariably allow the continuation of deforestation and increased carbon emissions by a rise in cheap electricity. Deforestation causes danger to numerous animals every year.

  • Energy Sources That Endanger Animals Are Not Green

    The concept of eco-friendly, or green, energy, is to have an energy source that is not harmful to the planet in any way. Endangering species of animals is harmful to the ecosystem, and therefore the planet, so an energy source that endangers animals is not really a green energy source.

  • Yes, green energy sources justify the means.

    While it's unfortunate to endanger animals, many of our fuel sources already do this. We should not stop ourselves from upgrading to a more renewable and environment safe energy source simply because the trend of endangering animals was not removed. In time we may develop more safe solutions for animals, but we must first deal with the more immediate problems of finding good energy resources.

  • Animals Are Important Too

    Imagine if you were an animal like a bird and you just flew into a windmill... Whoops! You just got shredded and killed! Everyone loves to do that! NOT! It does give us energy but, there's also such things as solar power which, doesn't affect nature but does affect us by giving us energy. Meanwhile, windmills kill the environment and people have a chance to be sued for using these sources. Yes, you may say that windmills are the source of all our energy! Yes, it is but, there are such things called solutions. These are My reasons and I hope you agree.

  • Of course not!

    OK, so do have any idea how much livestock is dying from from being hit by windmills to create wind power? A lot. And apparently all of you just want to add to the problem. Well, next time you look at a windmill think of how many birds don't see the blades of the windmill and die.

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