• Yes we should

    Think about children have to carry all the books and files and homework's and worry if they have forgotten anything.

    But with the ipads they dont have to worry just bring it along everyday and then you will never get in trouble.

    Also we use and print and waste more than 600 pounds a year just on ink and paper and why not switch to a more eco friendly option as students love their gadgets

  • Not if the school provide them.

    Paper and pencils and old fashioned books are sufficient. Learning is not a function of doing something with a device, but of doing something with your mind.

    As a veteran teacher with 8,000 students, I can attest that kids, like the rest of us, lose things, forget things, break things. They are more likely to keep track of what they personally buy than care for something loaned to them. It is problematic when all the texts and homework are on one device because when, NOT IF, that device is forgotten, lost, broken, stolen, then all the tools the student needs are gone, and there is a big lag in getting the kid back on track. Just making sure all the students have a pencil is a hassle, and eats up a lot of class time.

    Also, iPads/Tablets can include too many distractions.

  • We've been educated w/o them.

    Where's the money gonna come from? Someone has to pay for the ipads or tablets. School systems are already cutting budget. Our art and music department was scaled down because we didn't have the money.

    Also, people will probably fool around on them. There are many different games and social media apps students could download, and become distracted in class. We've been educated in school without them, why are they necessary now?

    Don't forget, students get easily distracted and want what they can't have. If they can't have games or social media apps, they'll find a way to get them.

    If some breaks or 'loses' one, who takes responsibility? The student or the school?

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