Should we use marijuana for more medicinal purposes?

Asked by: owenmontoux
  • Yes, it should.

    Medical marijuana has been scientifically proven to be beneficial to certain people. It would save a lot of people money and make big pharma lose a lot of money. Its medical benefits seem to far outweigh possible negative side effects, which cannot be said for many other drugs in the market today.

  • It is a good alternative to painkillers especially anti inflammatory

    My monthly period cannot be alleviated unless I take Ibuprofen. However, smoking marijuana eases the pain quickly and my moods are tempered too.
    I also cannot stress enough how LESS painful my periods are as a result of taking marijuana. And the effect on mood is always a bonus at this regular monthly time.

  • How can you ban something that grows?

    I can understand banning other artificial drugs, however marijuana has medical benefits with few to no real long term side effects as long as it is not abused. While smoking weed may not be the healthiest thing in the world for you, it far outweighs cigarettes and even many prescription pain and depression medication. To ban something that is so natural, and has been around for so long would be the equivalent of banning spruce trees. All in all marijuana and hemp serve many purposes, and making it illegal is simply close minded. And the argument that marijuana is a gateway drug, in that case tobacco is the ultimate gateway drug, however the difference is marijuana doesn't have political lobbyists to throw millions at politicians.

  • Marijuana should be used for more medical Purposes

    Marijuana should be used for more medical purposes because it can be used to help and cure many diseases and medical problems and as we study marijuana more we will soon learn more uses of the plant that are for good and not misuse, Marijuana is a plant and living thing an all living things can be used for a good purpose.

  • Big pharma is the major lobbyist against medicinal weed.

    The big pharmaceutical companies unsuccessfully attempted to patent THC, which is a good thing. Now that they cant they have been lobbying to keep medicinal marijuana illegal and stigmatize it. Because they are scared, no terrified, that people will finally realize the superb benefits of the plant medicinally. Why would someone continue buying Tylenol for headaches, pepto for stomach, robax for back pain, anxiety meds, and a plethora of others at a price of hundreds and hundreds of dollars (if not thousands) if they knew you could buy a seed for 10 cents and put it in your garden and have that medicine on hand whenever you need (FOR TEN CENTS PLUS WATER!!!)

    The fact that marijuana helps with pain, anxiety, loss of appetite, and many other things is just that, a fact. And if you have had a family member slowly die of cancer (eating handfuls of pills daily) you should understand the benefits of medicinal marijuana, and if not shame on you!

    One last point that i find extremely troubling is do you know who the biggest industry in the WORLD is? No its not the energy industry, or the food and service industry, it is yep you guess it big pharma! Whats wrong with this picture

  • Is it really medical?

    The typical argument is for people dying of cancer and the benefits. I understand that. Heck, we give people dying of cancer very strong drugs that would not be given otherwise except that the person is about to be gone anyway so addiction is not the issue.

    But when you look at states with "medical" marijuana, are all the people walking into the weed shops dying of cancer? Or better yet, any of them?

    With other regulated medicines, you need to go to a licensed medical doctor that needs to evaluate your problem and in most cases run some tests. Then you have to go to a licensed pharmacy to receive those regulated drugs.

    Is that what is happening with "medical" marijuana in those states? Are MD's or DO's issue those scripts and they are going to pharmacies for their product? The obvious answer is "no".

    The "medical"marijuana is an end run to try to get it legalized under the guise of medicine.

    I am all for a doctor giving a dying person or a person recovering from chemo a limited prescription for that reason. I don't think that is what is happening and not what the people that claim to be for medical marijuana want.

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