• Solar panels are a good temporary solution

    True, solar panels are more expensive and produce waste, but to say that it has less environmental impact than oil, coal & gas is just flat out wrong. When you compare the amount of energy produced by solar over the lifetime of a panel (which you need to take into account if you are arguing about manufacturing waste), the environmental impact is much smaller (look it up). Wind and hydro is definitely cleaner, though. Solar will be a relatively clean alternative until fusion becomes a viable energy source (hopefully within ~50 years or so).

  • Its an energy saver

    We can use more solar panels; even though it is expensive, we should use more solar panels because it lowers the energy usage from fossil fuels. Since fossil fuels are eventually going to run out, there might as well be more use for solar panels since it is environmentally safe and can save energy. Solar panels is a useful alternative energy source.

  • They cause cancer.

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  • The chemical waste produced to make solar panels ...

    The chemical hazardous waste produced to make solar panels is beyond unacceptable. But the liberal media censors all of that out. They are also hazardous to fire fighters. Liberals just see the solar panels as good & ignore the negative fact of all the waste that is produced in the mfg. Oil, coal & gas is cleaner than solar panels to produce

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