• Phones are not necessary in class because

    Phones could distract people if they are working or concentrating on the teacher. If a class is having a test that person might just be using a cheat website that would help you. Even kids or teens could take disturbing pictures of other people and make fun of them. So this is why I'm in the con side

  • Phones should be used

    I think that we should have phones in class because it teaches students responsibility that they would otherwise not know. I think this because having students need to learn how to be more responsible with objects they will later need in the workplace. Therefore phones should definitely be used at school.

  • Phones should not be used in classrooms because kids might do naughty things with them.

    This is because i know that with snap chat and all the other social media websites, kids post lots of pictures not just of themselves. Also kids might cheat on tests. I know that with my experiences that kids will do anything to get a A on a test or quiz.

  • No we should not

    Phones could be construed as a distraction and maybe could have a negative effect on ones ability to concentrate especially if it happens to ring during a class or while doing schoolwork. The phone should be put on vibration or turned off entirely during a class or during study hours.

  • No to Phones

    Phones should not be used in the classroom. Phones are distracting and should not be used in the classroom. Giving students permission to use phones in the classroom is giving them permission to play with apps or to participate in activities that are not important to the teacher's lesson plan.

  • No they shouldn't

    No they shoudn't use phones in school for reasons that may not be good for school. They might cheat look up bad websites, go on social media. Like instagram, twitter, facebook, or snapchat. W w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w

  • Phones should not be used in classrooms

    Students should not be allowed in school at all times. Students waste their time by using their phones, and it distracts both the teachers and other students. Allowing phones in school would take away from their education. Also, using a cell phone at all times as well could result to even more cheating. Students could text each other questions and answers, or students could just look up the information on the internet while taking a test. With phones being available in in schools at all times, there will also an increase on cyber bullying. I would allow students to be able to use their phone during lunch, passing time, and during structure study, but that would be the only time. Also, if the student is using their phone for educational games/ purpose, they should be allow.

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