• Yes, we should use social security numbers to identify ourselves

    Yes, I agree that we should use social security numbers to identify ourselves. Using social security numbers provides a unique identifier that enables the government, health care facilities, educational institutions, and other entities to search our history quickly. I believe that social security numbers protect citizens by providing a way for law enforcement agencies to track criminal history as well.

  • Um.... No, it shouldn't

    If you used your social security number to identify yourself, anyone could access it and do very bad things to you. Like, You need a Social Security number to get a job, collect Social Security benefits and get some other government services. If you identified with it, people can use it.

  • Show me where, in the Constitution...

    I personally support the abolishment of Social Security in favor of privately managed individual retirement accounts. Let workers plan for their own retirements as they see fit. When has the Federal Gov't ever appropriately managed funds of any kind?

    As for the truly disabled, funds for their care should be entirely separate from retirees who have paid into the system over the course of their careers, regardless. It would better allocate resources in a much better way to detect and punish fraud, as well as to better provide for specific special needs of the disabled vs. Retirees.

  • I Am Not A Socialist

    If someone wants to be named by their social security number, they are automatically a socialist. They do not want a name, they want a number given to them by the government. They feel that individuality is less important that standardization. Therefore, only a communist society would people have such titles.

  • No, cybersecurity is not strong enough.

    Our Social Security numbers are one of the most exclusive identifiers that we have, but they are also very interconnected with our financial lives as well as our future in retirement. Cybersecurity, while improving steadily, is not strong enough for the public to trust in the network's ability to guard the Social Security numbers enough to avoid hacking or improper use of this identifier, and other alternatives will have to suffice for now.

  • No, we should not use Social Security numbers to identify ourselves.

    No, we should not use Social Security numbers to identify ourselves. Once this begins to happen, people become just a number and no longer a living breathing thing in the mind of others. Someone would be much more likely to do something bad to 502010 than they would to Diane, mother of 3, grandmother of 1.

  • No, we should not use Social Security numbers to identify ourselves.

    When Social Security was first established and Social Security numbers assigned, there was considerable concern from some parties that the ID would be used for much more than just receiving Social Security. Here decades later, those concerns have proved to be true: Social Security numbers have become a de facto national ID number for US citizens. Yet they were not intended for this purpose, and it would be more secure if a better system were established, one that could help prevent identity theft.

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