• Cleaner, More Humane, Preserves Organs

    It's cleaner, death is nearly instantaneous so it's more humane and avoids the thorny "cruelty" issue that poses a problem with the 8th amendment. Organs can be preserved if the inmate wishes to donate. At the same time as being physically painless the mental image is shocking to people so it would be very deterrent. It's much better than electrocuting people or poisoning them and wasting their organs and a lot less expensive. You don't need to buy expensive pharmaceuticals or run electricity in order to use a guillotine.

  • It was invented to be humane. It honestly sickens me that it is not used.

    The guillotine is quick, as clean, relatively speaking, as any other method, inexpensive, and foolproof. The so-called "modern" methods, lethal injection and electrocution, are both incredibly barbaric, by comparison. Any method of execution is probably going to have some pain or discomfort, but the guillotine is arguably the most compassionate, because death is almost instantaneous, and a botched execution is practically impossible, given that we're talking about a handful of executions per year, during which proper care could be taken to insure the blade was sharp, the mechanism functional, the inmate properly positioned, etc.

  • The most effective and humane method known to man

    Death by beheading is quick and doesn't cause unnecessary pain. Of all the methods used to execute a deathrow inmate, beheading is by far the most humane. Sure it's gory and all that, but if you're really concerned about getting it done as humanely as possible, then this is the way to go. Besides, giving the death sentence a gory image would do wonders in deterring people from committing crime. Just make sure you keep the blade sharp.

  • Yep, and used a lot.

    There are too many people on death row who aren't getting what they deserve. They need to be put on the guillotine as soon as the verdict is read and sentenced is spoken. We'll save so much time, money, and grief that way. It's taking people like 20-30 years to finally execute someone, pick up the pace. Get the guillotine. As for the "less civilized" time horrid argument, we're not executing jaywalkers or people who speak out against the government, it's for criminals who commit violent and disgraceful acts like murder or child rape and stuff. This way it will also be a better sense of justice because the people on lethal injection get more dignity dying by lethal injection so beheading them on the guillotine would be much more fitting. I say yes 100%.

  • It will be clean and effective

    I think the guillotine would be a great tool to execute people. It is a death penalty and death penalties need to be feared and I know that I would be terrified to be under that blade so I might not even commit the crime in the first place. On the other hand there is a lethal injection that is like falling asleep, where's the fear in that?

  • It Is a Good Alternative

    Using a guillotine to execute wrongdoers among the populous would be a good alternative for a number of reasons. Among these reasons are the fact that it is cheap (you only have to build and clean the guillotine), quick, and more foreboding. People would be a lot more wary of crime if the punishment was getting your head chopped off in front of a crowd.

  • We need an alternative

    Keep lethal injection but we need an alternative that’s cheap, Swift and clinical. Yes, It’s very bloody, But so is the firing squad, Plus, The firing squad takes longer and it is easy to botch if you miss the target. In most states, If lethal injection is found to be unconstitutional, Then people are killed by electrocution — which half the time means that the prisoners are burnt like witches. Thousands of people met their end with the guillotine, But not once did it fail to deliver a quick and painless end. Give our death row inmates a better choice for their execution. I

  • Quick, Painless and simple.

    The Guillotine is simple. Just cut of the head in one stroke. It may not be pleasant to watch, But I cannot think of a less painful, Swifter or more reliable means of execution. If a state is going to kill, This is probably the best way to do it.

  • The guillotine should be used

    The prisoner would be led out, His head placed in stocksvand a heavy angled blade would drop 5 metres slicing through his neck, Killing him instantly. Why hasn’t anybody thought of using it now? It’s quick, Humane and relatively cheap. Use it to kill those monstrous drug traffickers. 1, 2. . .

  • It is cooler

    Guillotine's are the coolest method of execution, When's the last time you looked at a gas chamber and thought, "wow, That's really cool, I want to die from a gas chamber when i grow up! " That's right, You didn't! Most people would gladly die from a guillotine, Because the guillotine is undeniably cooler and better. Change my mind.

  • We should not use the guillotine to execute people.

    The guillotine is a barbaric tool that should not be used anymore. Today, there are much more humane ways to execute eople than the guillotine. This is a particularly grusome form of execution that was created in a barbaric time. Today, we should be careful to be humane when we execute people.

  • No, the guillotine is an imprint of horror

    Although the guillotine would provide a swift and clean execution it is still far from providing the most effective and humane execution. The guillotine is a symbol of the gory, horrific and brutal French revolution and was responsible for countless barbaric executions afterwards. In a way it represents how far we have come from the crude days of the past, when people were executed in front of cheering crowds and human life was disregarded and insignificant. I did some research, and currently, the most common capital punishment is lethal injection which is perfectly sufficient and much cleaner than a blade.

  • No, it's a throwback to less civilized times.

    The guillotine should not be brought back. It's a barbaric form of execution that has an incredibly shameful past (it was used profusely during the French Revolution against countless innocent people who were deemed enemies of the Jacobins). Furthermore, it's a throwback to less civilized times when people were executed publicly for everyone's amusement. Bringing this form of execution back (which was a symbol of a much less enlightened time) would be making a huge leap backwards.


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  • No no no

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  • I think beheading is to extreme for exicution

    Well first off children would be too cautious about what they do so
    they won't be beheaded. Secondly nobody wants to think they would have their heads chopped off and put on a stick. Last but not least it is not a humane way to kill one, we should probably stick to chemicals and the Electric Chair.

  • Death penalty is murder. Guillotine is bloodthirsty and horrific.

    Only Americans think the death penalty is ok. No other developed country does it. Which is why the USA doesnt deserve to be called developed. The USA also has at least one torture prison - Guantanamo, where law and human rights dont apply.
    Guillotines are horriffic and inhumane and barbaric. It is simply murder. Justice is not synonymous with revenge.

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MasturDbtor says2013-04-10T12:18:17.030
That's the problem. Something could throw off the aim. The guillotine makes sure it gets a clean hit.
Anonymous says2013-05-01T18:21:17.710
O wow... Get it out of the shed, give it a good oiling but don't bother sharpening. The time for the idle rich that live of shares, in once owned public companies must end! They milk the tax payers of profit, whilst complaining WE are the ones that are living off... WHO? Ourselves.... They just want to sit in their gentleman's clubs drinking whiskey at the public's cost and getting their chauffeur to drive them back to their mansions. They have the audacity to blame us when they do nothing but rip us off. The day is coming.
Vivre la revolution...........
ymouszanon says2013-11-06T07:38:00.843
Many people confuse reason with their emotions or sensitivities. For example: the majority feels we have progressed to humanely treating the "mentally ill" with drugs. They look like benign pills or injections. However anti-psychotic drugs have caused more misery, pain, suffering, human organ destruction, shortened life span and sudden death than the more visible cruel psychiatric treatments of the past. If you see no evil that upsets you, than most are apt to ignore the wrong. Personally I think execution and long or life sentences in solitary confinement(imho worse than death) are just another wrong, and even more immoral because it is carried out by the state. "Another wrong does not make a right".

Even though i abhor all murder, but for the sake of argument, It would seem that the guillotine is still the most humane form of execution. Again, most people are against simply on protecting their emotions from a gruesome and bloody sight. Again it is the public prevailing confusion of reason and emotions or sensibilities. Thus the public accepts lethal injection because their conclusion is that it is a humane killing. However there have been many cases where the person to be execute becomes aware because the first induced medical coma(e.G anesthesia) drug is insufficient or the killing drugs are so painful that it wakes them to consciousness, even though they cannot move because of the second paralyzing drug. Indeed there have been just as or more painful execution methods then lethal injection but being decapitated is not one of them.

A somewhat digression: the history of human civilization has been the "march of time" a continuous jack boots ankle to over the head deep in misery, murder, war, exploitation, etc. Indeed intelligence has led to many creations to make life better for humanity. However technology seems to be but to nefarious means. For example the industrial revolution led to weaponry that has raised kill counts astronomically as happened in the first and second world wars. Today technology is used to spy on everyone; make so called pin point drone killing of "terrorists"(where the kill count includes many more children and innocents than suspected terrorists(odd how we never see the fact that terrorism including 911 was a response not a cause), and so on.

I do not belive human nature in its naked form is brutal. Anthropology shows many examples of prehistoric and historic communities that were cooperative and loving. IMHO, It is the social evolution of hierarchy and power of a few over the many is the mother of misery.

"what the world needs now is love..."

ymousz anon
Matthew_Picchu says2015-02-19T01:59:36.147
If I had a choice of how I would be executed, I would choose the guillotine. It's quick, easy, and painless (the spinal cord is severed and the brain stem damaged, so the brain can no process pain). Also, it'd be really neat to experience my head being removed from my body, falling into a basket, and the being picked up and held aloft to a crowd of people cheering for my death. Then the loss of blood and oxygen would shut down my brain and do me in for good. It's just preferable over the electric chair, firing squad, lethal injection, and hanging. While those can all go horribly wrong, the guillotine gets it right every time. Quick, painless, and a really cool thing to put on your gravestone and for your relatives to talk about. "Why yes, Jimmy, your uncle was beheaded by guillotine. No, it wasn't like it is in the cartoons. It's a lot more gory, little Jimmy."

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