• Yes, it protects Americans.

    Yes, we should use torture to find information, because it prevents Americans from being killed and targeted. Torture is not pleasant. But when a person declares themselves an enemy of the United States and participates in acts of warfare against us, they lose their rights to be free of torture. If one person's discomfort can protect an American, it is a necessary evil

  • Some Important information is just too valuable.

    When it comes to national security, I don't think any measure is too drastic. I know it has been found that torture can sometimes lead to false information, but there are still times when it leads to important information. If a truly evil person has the information, all measures must be taken to find out what he or she knows. It may seem cruel, but so would the possible devastation terrorists can cause.

  • Electronic Surveillance More Effective

    Let's use electronic surveillance to find information rather than torture. Everyone has a computer or cell phone now, so terrorists have to communicate somehow. With the NSA's recent electronic spying capabilities recently revealed, there should be no reason to torture suspects since we are on the forefront of the electronic spying frontier.

  • No we should not.

    We should not use torture as a means to find information. It is wrong and it is the way this country says it is supposed to work. There is a lot of ways to get information from a person, torture isn't the only one. We can wait patiently and find it.

  • No We Should Not

    The Geneva Conventions basically guide what is lawful according to the United Nations. These are terms that many countries have agreed upon and I believe it is important for the United States to follow these laws and to remain committed to the United Nations. I do not believe we should torture people to obtain information.

  • We should never use torture.

    It is very inhumane to use torture to find information. All people should have certain rights regardless of their origin or background, and freedom from torture should be one of these rights. Furthermore, use of torture does not necessarily mean that correct information will be obtained, so it is immoral to use such extreme measures when the results are not even guaranteed.

  • It is inhumane.

    Using torture gets us no where. A lot of the information that is released upon torture is just said in order to get the torturing to stop. I think it is a cruel and unusual punishment and there are other ways to go about things rather than torturing information out of someone.

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