• It should be an option for desperate times

    Terrorists are far from the run-of-the-mill criminals. They are arguably the worst scum on earth. They usually are responsible for large amounts of civilian casualties. So should they be subjected to waterboarding and/or any torture method in general? Yes but only for interrogation and only if it can lead to lives saved. It should never be used as revenge or retaliation for deaths of comrades or loved ones.

  • We should use waterboarding on terrorists.

    Terrorists are criminals, and they are not entitled to normal civil rights. If they have information that could save lives, interrogators should be able to do anything necessary to get the information from them, including waterboarding. This is the only way to keep the nation safe from people who try to attack it.

  • Using waterboarding on terrorists is effective.

    Waterboarding of terrorists has provided us with the key information we've needed for our most important successes in the war against terrorism. Waterboarding has never killed anyone, caused them to bleed, or even break out with a rash. Our own soldiers go through waterboarding as a matter of training. If it's acceptable to be applied to our soldiers, it's fair enough to be used against a terrorist.

  • It is inhumane and a legal injustice

    During the process of water boarding subjects often experience extreme pain, lung damage, brain damage from lack of oxygen, and dry drowning.People may also suffer broken bones and other physical injuries from struggling against restraints. Psychological damage is also very common, as is death. Not to mention torture is an international war crime, as it should be.

  • I just want to be different

    I totally belive in doing that i just want to be on this side because i can. If we can waterboard terrorists i can be on this damn side if i want to so yeah. Get over it if you dont think i should be on this side because i can be

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