• Yes we Should

    Water is something that we undisputedly, continually need. Oil, on the other hand, is not something we need to survive. While it may be desirable now, in the long run the collection and burning of oil will destroy our civilization. The human race has survived for centuries before the oil and gas industry came into existence, but we still needed water. There are many alternatives to oil, but there is no alternative to water.

  • Water is essential for life

    Yes, I believe that we should value water over oil. Water is needed for life; if we do not have water we will die. Oil on the other hand is a luxury that we can live without. It may not be pleasant to have not oil, but it can be illiminated without the result being death.

  • Water is more valuable then oil

    Water is more valuable then oil if the government would take more time to find others means instead of oil this economy would not be in the shape that it is. Gas prices for something they get for free are out of control greed and money are the only thing that matter in this world anymore.

  • Yes We Should

    I believe we should value water over oil. Without fresh and clean sources of water we will most definitely die. The human race can live without oil and we will in the future since it is a finite resource. Our water supply should always be more important than our oil supply.

  • The are the same value

    Water and oil should have the same value to American citizens. We can not survive and prosper as a nation without either water or oil. Both are critical for food and energy. Some people think oil is not important, but we could not power our society without this crucial item.

  • No, I don't think we should value water over oil.

    I think that while water is a crucial resource the economy would grind to a halt if we ran out of oil, I think that oil is the most desirable resource in our modern society and right now I think we should value it over water, over time as we move away from oil consumption then I could see water becoming the most precious resource.

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