Should we vote a third party candidate into the presidency?

Asked by: timmywt
  • Let them give a chance ...

    Eventhough we elect first party or second party , they are not supposed to do a minimum of 50% things which has been mentioned in their manifesto. Now-a-days not only in America , all other countries are facing so much of corruption , unemployment etc... So, it is better to give a chance to third party people as they are less corrupted and efficient.
    But only drawback for them is they dont have enough money to win the elections...
    Anyway its better to give a chance.

  • It would be interesting to see what would happen.

    Why not? It seems like both sides of the major political parties have forgotten about the American people. Inefficiency, corruption, etc. seem to run rampant everywhere. We need someone from the fringes who will actually try to solve the country's problems rather than spending heaps of money on campaigning. However, the only problem right now seems to be whether (if a third party president is elected) he or she will be able to get anything passed, due to the stubbornness of those members currently residing in the house and senate.

  • I think we should, only if they are skilled enough

    Lets face it, republicans and democrats are not going to be able to change much anymore. They each shoot each other down so nothing usually gets done in office, and things get very stagnant. I know there has never been a 3rd party candidate as a president. There are many reasons behind this including financial problems and just a vague background on them. But it couldn't hurt if we had some type of libertarian, progressive, or constitutionalist in office. It would certainly be revolutionary and they would be able to have some support from both republicans and democrats if they were president. Of course, it would have to be a very qualified, wise, and level-headed person running for office so the people would actually vote for him/her. In George Washington's farewell address he warned us about having just a 2 party system fight against each other. He was right, in a sense, it does cause a lot of problems. I think change is good and we should give it a try for at least 4 years...

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