• The constitution matters

    Both parties have disrespected and down right ignored the constitution of the United States they have devided us for votes sent American jobs over seas sent our sons and durters to war after war taxed the hell out of the American people and sent the money over seas millions of children have been aborted aka murderd the second amendment ignored stagnant wages for decades that have forced mothers away from their families and into offices were they are sexually harassed when does it end not with the democrats and not with the republicans

  • I don’t trust the democratic republicans

    The democratic and republican parties are the same party they both love war they both hate the constitution and bill of rights it was both parties that ran this union to the ground for decades there has been war after war for decades stagnant wages have forced women into stuffy offices where they get sexually harassed the republicans and democrats have refused to Act so try something new for a change in the midterm elections in 2022 vote constitution party over the same failed policies over and over again

  • The constitution party are toxic slime

    They are racist, Sexist, Homophobic, Xenophobic and even more so than the Republicans. I will never vote for such vile people and they should really reconsider their platform if they want people to vote for them. Go look up what they have done to deserve these labels and you would understand that these people should not have a place in government.

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MrFarRight says2021-04-06T08:15:51.767
Both parties are trash

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