• I am cold

    Is cold without clothes. I need 43 more words so I just wanna say uh. We should be wearing clothes because I don't want to freeze to death, There are much better ways to die, Hypothermia is not the vibe I'm going for. 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1

  • Beacause clothes are protection

    Clothes protect our skin, And not let they see our private part, Invention of clothes is a genius idea and clothes are very important to our health. Without clothes we will dirty, At the winter without warm jackets we will suffocate from the air. Overall, Clothes are very important to us and we need to keep it. .

  • Was man meant for slavery or freedom?

    To wear clothes is to impugn John Locke's declaration that men were born with certain "inalienable" rights - those including life, Liberty, And property. We may exercise the right to property by owning clothes, But it imperils our right to liberty the moment we deign to cloak our marvelous figures. Life, Too, Is put at risk - for, It is a sad truth, Many of us are physically beyond reproach in terms of capacity to find a mate; but, If we were to unsheathe our grand dirks, Our envy-inducing zweihänders, We maximize our chances of an odd fair maiden accidently tripping on a gully and helping herself upon thy sword. Thus, I say, For the sake of all that is just, That is moral, And that is inherit in us as a species, I beseech you all to free yourselves from the thralldom of our garments.

  • No we shouldn’t and here’s why

    HAHAHA you’ve been baited into reading this. There is no argument against wearing clothing. You really want everyone running around and working and doing things naked? You really want children to be in that type of culture too? OF COURSE NOT! I would be shocked to see anyone give a rebuttal to this argument

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