Should we wear underwear on the inside or the outside?

Asked by: kaister
  • It looks cleaner

    People with the underwear on the outside just look dumb, they look childish and less intimidating, super heroes should look intimidating.. With underwear on the inside it also looks cleaner and overall just more fierce. Underwear on the inside looks scrappy and like you dont know whats going on. Definitely going for underwear on the inside.

  • Pick Yes if we should wear on the outside or No if you think we should wear it on the inside.

    I say we should wear on the outside. Look at superman, batman, wonder woman. They all wear their underwear on the outside. Do they look bad? I don't think so. Besides they come in different colours. We all can be superheroes everyday. Just by the way we wear our underwear.

  • That is not his underwear.

    Since when does underwear have belt loops? As you can see in the picture he is wearing a gold or yellow belt that is attached with red belt loops. This means that the red garment is either part of a red and blue pair of pants or he is wearing a pair of red shorts over blue leggings.
    Funny thing is, some kids today show their underwear all the time. They think it makes them look more gangster. Funny thing is, it started because inmates are not permitted to wear belts or shoe strings. In prisons, if you are "owned" by someone, you are suppose to where your pants down for easy access. When former inmates would walk around after being in prison, others tried to copy this. That is why going without shoe strings and showing your underwear has become such a fad. Wonder if they realize it was started by prison sex slaves.

  • Well fashion statements are chosen arbitrarily.

    So i cant logically decide whether or not it SHOULD be worn on the outside. This is like asking which is better apples or oranges. Some people are going to like one and others the other. There is no system of reasoning when it comes to fashion its purely arbitrary. But i personally think it looks better on the inside so i vote no

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