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  • Yes we should take the troops out

    I think we should because we are spending to much money on a ongoing war that might not ever end, we did what we needed to do like 8 years ago why are we still there. That is my question to you so I rest my case... Good day to you my friend

  • Bring 'em Home!

    WE should withdraw them because troops are missing their loved ones and their loved ones are missing them. My Dad was in Iraq and in Afghanistan in 2008. He was gone for 5 months and that felt like a lifetime. We should also withdraw them because we are spending BILLIONS of dollars to get them the food they need and the equipment they need. We also have already done what we initially came there to do: Kill Bin Laden.

  • Bring Home Our Troops

    I think we should bring our troops home because we have way too many soldiers who are getting killed and they aren't able to come home to a wonderful wife or husband and their kids. They already did what they were really there to do which is killing bin Laden. And it is unclear why we are there.

  • Yes.

    We should withdraw troops gradually from Afghanistan. At this point it is unclear as to why we are still there, but we need to finish the war in a gradual way. If troops are withdrawn too quickly Afghanistan will regress to where it was before the war began. Troops do need to leave though so they should be withdrawn in a measured responsible way.

  • Not Our Place.

    Yes, we should withdraw our troops from Afghanistan. All the work that we can do there is done, all that is left is to leave the country on its own and hope that they do well. There have been do many lives lost to justify us staying there when we don't need to.

  • Let the Locals Settle It

    Let the regional countries settle their own arguements. All the parties concerned are morally equivelent and equally reprehensible. If they want to kill somebody, let them kill each other not Americans. And if China or Russia want to try to control Afghanistan I say let them juggle that hornet's nest.

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  • Dangerous for U.S. and Dangerous for Afghanistan

    There isn't a safe route for the troops to leave Afghanistan right now. Iran and Pakistan are against us. The other to travel is by air which is also the most expensive way to get back and very dangerous too because the aircraft can get really heavy causing it to crash. It's not only dangerous for the troops, it's dangerous for Afghanistan because if we leave them, ISIS and Al Qaeda can take over, start training camps and terrorize the country just like they are doing in Iraq. Speaking of Iraq, the only reason why ISIS is there is because the U.S. troops left the country. We cannot let this happen to Afghanistan and it's people. Imagine if you are living there, you need help, the troops leave, ISIS comes and kills you! Would you want that? No matter how expensive it is, we need to do our part and protect others in danger and those who need help

  • Dangerous for us, and dangerous for Afghanistan

    Right now, we should not leave Afghanistan because There isn't really a safe route for the troops to go back home. Iran and Pakistan are against us. The other way to travel is by air which is almost the most expensive way and also very dangerous because the plane can get very heavy and crash. It will also be dangerous for Afghanistan if we leave them because ISIS and Al Qaeda can terrorize Afghanistan and can re establish training camps eventually taking over. This is exactly what happened in Iraq. When U.S. troops left Iraq, Isis started training camps there and eventually took over. We can't have this happen in Afghanistan unless we want terrorists to take over no matter how expensive it is. Imagine if you live in Afghanistan or Iraq. You need help from the U.S. if they leave, Isis can take over and you can get killed. Also Russia can cause chaos in Afghanistan if we leave them

  • A complete withdrawal would undo a lot of good.

    While we can pretty much all agree that we don't need to draw these wars out further, a simple "bring the troops home" is ignorant and does not take into account the culture and political situations throughout the country. If we just up and leave without a long, well-thought out withdrawal, warlords will simply re-take land, and effectively undo a lot of good work that we've done during the campaign with regards to human aid- schools, food, etc. We should leave, but we're not trying to pull the rug out from under their feet. Do it very carefully.

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