• Too many drop-outs.

    School is a very important thing in life. How well we do in school can determine how well we can do in the future. Having good education is good, but we need to make sure that everyone does well. Students and teachers have to work together in order for this to work. We can do this. With time and effort, this will happen.

  • School is important, but...

    I 100% agree that school is important, and perhaps the most important stage of our life. But I think it's a bit unfair to say that kids and staff don't work hard enough, as we have not even given them a chance. Perhaps you are right, and the generation that is in school don't work hard enough, but first we need to see how they turn out. Our whole education system is based on the success of the previous generation. In conclusion, you may be right but first we need to give the generation in school a chance.

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