• Cigars Should Be Banished

    Cigars are so bad for you! They have over 7000 chemicals when used. There are 69 chemicals in a cigar that cause cancer. Whether it is Lung cancer or Blood cancer. Did you know that people who smoke cigars have a low income and don't have a bunch of money to go hang with there buddies! DON'T BE THAT PERSON!!

  • Ends our lives

    Yes, we do need to work to end smoking here in America, because it is killing millions of people every year. If you look at the lung of someone who has smoked and someone who has not, the smokers lung will be black. Smoking is going to eventually kill you.

  • Yes it should be our goal to eradicate smoking in the United States.

    Tobacco smoking provides ZERO benefits to the citizens of United States and is in fact a drain on the economy of the US. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) the effects of smoking is responsible for 443,000 deaths and $96 billion in medical costs annually. Eradicating smoking would be a big boost to the GDP.

  • Everything short of making it illegal

    I think that we should still do our best to eradicate the use of cigaretetes in our country short of actually making them illegal. I do believe that you have a right to smoke even though it could kill you and harm others around you. However, we should limit where people can smoke.

  • Smoking Costs Tons of Money

    Smoking costs the average American thousands of dollars on the products alone. Later in life there are medical bills that pile up due to expensive treatments like oxygen tanks and daily breathing treatments. COPD and emphysema are expensive maladies to treat after decades of smoking. We should try to eliminate smoking entirely and re-focus tobacco growers to get more food crops into mainstream agriculture.

  • Yes we can!

    Yes! I think we should so that we can find out what other interesting legalized way a human can kill him self with. I would also like to see all the huge boycotts and riots that will occur in the states after the smoking is made illegal. Hopefully, the show would be better than the whole 1% phase.

  • Yes we should

    This is a report that me and some friends did as a class in seventh grade. It talks about how bad smoking is for the us and possibly the world. Its filled with statistics on smoking. Please read because if you are on the no side it will completely change your opinion.

  • A personal choice

    Smoking is a personal choice. The issue with smoking only came about because of the increased government involvement in personal health care. People should be allowed to smoke as much as they like, but they should be aware of the effects (which most are) and should ultimately pay for the consequences.

  • It cannot be done.

    Just because you pass a law hoping to eradicate it, it doesn't mean you can. I might be wrong, given the wild success of Prohibition and the War on Drugs, but that;s me just saying. And even if you could do so, why? Is it a good precedent to ban an activity which hurts only the user (second hand smoke is an issue, but laws have been passed to limit this)? Are people so dumb that they need the powers that be what they can or cannot do for the sake of their own health? Why not ban ding-dongs and soda? Those are pretty awful for you to, the only difference is that parents regularly give it to their kids and those kids grow up and take up a seat and a half on a perfectly smokeless airplane.

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