• We need to find an alternative that is more powerful.

    Hydrogen bombs are outdated. We need to find weapons that are even stronger than the hydrogen bomb. We must ascend past these weapons to be more powerful so that we may take on IS IS and all the other terrorist. The US must remain the strongest country alive and we must find out even more dangerous weapon before everyone else so we can stay ahead.


  • Yes, we should work to eradicate hydrogen bombs.

    In order to create a safer world community, it is important that we work our hardest to eradicate hydrogen bombs in both other countries and our own. It is not enough to only make sure that our enemies do not have hydrogen bombs. America must set the example by getting rid of its bombs.

  • We Should Work to Eradicate Hydrogen Bombs

    Hydrogen bombs might still be a more cleaner solution and alternative to nuclear warfare - the lack of fallout does not amend the amount of human suffering that results in this kind of mass destruction. Our world will never fully achieve peace as long as weapons like hydrogen bombs exist.

  • Yes, definitely yes

    I agree with this. I think that we should work on eradicating hydrogen bombs because they are really dangerous. We dont need another world war, humanity have suffered enough from all wars. When are we going to stop killing each other, we should stick together as a humanity because we are all the same.

  • Yes, there is certainly no need for them.

    At this point, it isn't likely that anyone will ever use hydrogen bombs. However, theoretically, if there were a way to get rid of them, or at least get them out of the hands of some of the more dangerous countries (countries with dictators), that seems like a good idea to me. The only purpose of hydrogen bombs is mass destruction and killing, so getting rid of them would be ideal, if not practical.

  • We should be working to stop war, not start it.

    We should not be looking for "more powerful weapons". (Especially when the hydrogen bomb has literally infinite potential). We should be stopping the creation of them. Not only do they cause many more casualties, but they destroy parts of the earth we can never get back. I agree with the fact that we should eradicate bombs, but I don't think we should get even more powerful weapons of war.

  • We should eradicate war.

    The hydrogen bomb is not the issue. These, along with atomic bombs are last case scenarios in acts of war. They are also statements to other countries saying, "Bring it." If we eradicate the hydrogen bomb, and even the atomic bomb, the government will attempt to create something equally as devastating if not greater. This solves nothing. The resolve, starts with us, as individuals. We have gotten so caught up in ourselves, we forget about the people around us. We must learn to love and respect everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, as thy neighbor. If we could learn tolerance, accepting people regardless of color, religion, sexual orientations, etc., we will be promoting a movement of peace. Be pro peace, not anti-war. There is a difference. If we will the world with peace, there will be no need for any bomb. Think this is impractical? Well, it's more impractical to think the government, along with all governments will eradicate their nuclear weapons.. That's how they flex their muscles.

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