Should we worry about people who ignore the ESRB?

Asked by: AKAstealth22
  • I personally say yes.

    I feel like we should worry about them because now the ESRB is basically being treated like it doesn't exist. Like some 8-year old would get like GTA 5 or something for as an "Early Birthday Present" when it isn't even close to their birthday. So I say yes, how about you?

  • It's none of our business.

    So? It's not your responsibility to boss people around because of a game rating. It's mostly used by strict parents. Besides, most people know the difference between fantasy and reality and I don't think the ESRB is enforced, and it shouldn't because people will still buy their children M-rated games.

  • ESRB is a dumb law

    ESRB is law, you get IDed to buy an M rated game, while like the argument is you don't want and 8 year old playing GTA V but honestly video games don't make people violet UNLESS they can't figure out the difference between reality and virtual world. I'm turning 15 in about 4 weeks and I play GTA V so much, I can't say I've been violent since I've played it. I think it should be like PEGI where its merely a recommendation, not a law. There's no reason that we have laws to "protect" something that they'll learn eventually. I say its up to the parents and if they're terrible parents then so what? Its not like we can do anything so we might as well ignore it. Most parents I know who let their kids play M rated games, the good parents anyway. Are always giving them the games because they don't impact the child's behavior so its a sign of maturity. While some games like GTA V which have boobs everywhere shouldn't be played by 8 year olds I think that you should just wait until you're 15-16 to play it. Its all up to the parents judgement.

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