Should we worry about the demographic decline of white people?

Asked by: Batmangeek75
  • Yes it sad that white people are going excint

    If you think about USA you can see that this country was build by WHITE PEOPLE and that they are true owners of this soil, I doubt that if there won't be white people anymore nigers and crazy nigresses withhedonistic issues would save this country. Propably USA will sooner or longer fail due to lac of white intelligence and superior cultre, Now its sadly hedonistic degenerate black ghetto "culture"

  • No wtf lol

    Humans are humans. If you are worried about black people being the majority how do you think they have felt being the minority for so long lol. It makes no difference to me if white demographics are declining or become the minority because im not so focused on race like you. I really don't give a f***

  • This is not important in the slightest

    Why are we talking about the color of peoples skin when 70% of men in the U. S. Are hooked on phonography? Why are we talking about race when people are going bankrupt just trying to pay there hospital bills? When we ran a $4 trillion deficit last year? Or while we are still in a recession and pandemic how about when the U. S. Has the highest single parenthood rate in the world? While mothers have to work just to keep the lights on and food on the table? Our failing schools? Don't even get me started on china forget eating our lunch they will strait up eat the refrigerator

    but if I must answer I think every-one is an individual and no man of God would hate some-one on the basis of race

    Galatians 3:28
    There is neither Jew nor Gentile, Neither slave nor free, Nor is there male and female, For you are all one in Christ Jesus.

  • Demographics don't matter. We're all people.

    The Census predicts that white people will be a minority in America by 2040 at the earliest. This has less to do with interracial marriage "breeding whites out of existence" and more to do with white people not having as many children as other ethnicities. I believe the trends are similar throughout Europe.

    I doubt white people will ever disappear completely as there will always be people who prefer their own ingroup. But most whites aren't worried about extinction, They are worried about being a minority. They know based on historical precedent that being a minority sucks. This shouldn't matter as we should all commit to the notion that we are all people deserving of equal rights. It shouldn't matter what percentage of the population is white or black or latino or asian.

    Culture changes even without demographic shifts so that argument holds no merit either for opposing change. These crazy white nationalists talk as if minorities are salivating over the thought of subjecting whites to the same discrimination and injustices they did. I have more faith in humanity then that. If you're worried about whites losing status or disappearing which is even less likely then you should start having more children.

    I say all of this as a straight white man. I just see no reason to care about the demographics as we are all people deserving of equal treatment and rights. Marry and procreate with whoever you want. Have as many or as little kids as you want.

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