Should we worry about the environment before we worry about jobs?

  • The environment is the greatest concern

    The question of whether we should worry about the environment before we worry about jobs is a false on I think. It is possible to be concerned about jobs and concerned about the environment. Think of how many jobs would be loss if we had to deal with catastrophic environmental degradation.

  • Equal Attention Wanted

    While the environment is a very important subject, employment is equally important. In fact, the two could be combined in a very beneficial way. Many jobs can be created in environmental conservation and preservation. In this way, everyone benefits; earth, man, and the economy. The earth depends on mankind just as much as mankind depends on the earth, so it only makes sense to put people to meaningful work healing, preserving, and nurturing our environment.

  • No, we should not worry about the enviornment before jobs.

    Creating jobs helps boost the average standard of living. If we spend all of our money on improving the environment, we end up using the money that could be used to create jobs. When more people work there is more money in the economy to go towards helping the local environments. People are the ones who will be able to save the environment in the long run. If we focus on the environment, we won't be able to help the people as much.

  • We need jobs.

    A person who does not have a job is not worried about the environment. We can only do extra things once we have the basic covered. Thus, we should worry about jobs before we worry about the environment, because once people are employed, they have the money to think about extras, like the environment.

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