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  • The illuminati is not real!!!!

    Okay, lets get this straight. What kind of opinion is this!? ISIS is what we should worry about, not the Illuminati. People are just wasting their god damn time worrying about a fictional organization. So, actually go outside and make some damn friends instead of worrying about the Illuminati. Thank you.

  • The Illuminati ISN'T REAL! (At least not anymore...)

    Personally, I hate people who say stuff like: "THE ILLUMINATI KEPT A SECRET FROM US! NIBIRU IS GOING TO COLLIDE WITH EARTH! THIS IS DEFINITELY LEGIT! MAKE SURE TO SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL!" I mean, you didn't say anything about Nibiru (Planet X), but no. The Illuminati WAS real, but now it's just a myth someone came up with. "Oh! Look! A triangle! That clearly means it is Illuminati!

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