• One snap could

    One snap. . . Could end all of our careers could make us disintegrate vanish dissapear into thin air see things we have never seen before make us go crazy take us through timeloops makes us think what is normal what is life what am i doing here where i am i wth

  • He's 100% fiction

    Screw your head on a little tighter. If he were proposed to replace God, Allah, Buddha and Pagan deities, All you'd get is a bunch of angry Christians, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, And Pagans. Maybe you took Infinity War and Endgame just a little too seriously. Like 99% of Marvel, The characters are purely fiction from Stan Lee's mind. (With the exceptions being Thor, Loki, Hela, Surtr, Fenris Wolf and Odin, As they are backed by mythology. )

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