• The sun is the equivalent god in many religions.

    Like God, the sun provides warmth to all its (literally) created since the beginning of our history. It allows plants to grow to give us air. It's living proof that it creates and destroys and it's not a "living thing". The sun even has three letters like god so therefore it IS GOD....

  • Invisible man in the sky?

    The belief in god as many religions profess is a very sad, very unrealistic belief. Most people don't want to know the truth about the origin of their religion and it's many many made up, stolen,and contradicting stories. Like the original story of jesus, immaculate conception, birthday of Dec 25th,etc. All stolen from Heru/Horus and his mother Aset/Isis. The christians who are in control and have most people brainwashed even stole an African/Kemetic statue symbolizing resurrection called Tehken/obelisk, and have it right in Rome but wickedly put a cross on top of it. There are thousands of other reasons in regards to religions that believe in an invisible man in the sky, who controls everything, that proves to be completely ridiculous. The "Energy" from the "Sun" has always been, and always will be responsible for life on this planet. Any other belief is like a child believing in santa claus, with those who know the truth continuing to lie to the child, because they think it's traditional and good for the child to believe in santa (even though santa and all the stories are made up). Human and all life should honor the Life giving Energy from the Sun. Without it, no matter what religion you say you believe in we would all be dead!! Stop being fooled

  • Worshiping the Sun Could Bring Tangible Benefits

    If we built a 2-dimensional imitation of the solar system out of solar panels, we could harness the Sun's energy to help feed, shelter, and entertain our people.

    Now I know some Christofascists insist that the trickster God Yahweh, who is actually the mythical son of El from Canaan religion, is the real God, and all things happen through him. Thing is, if you look closer, it is clear that wherever the Christofascists credit Yahweh, it is actually the Sun doing all of the work! Who was it that provided the energy for plants to grow, which then gave things for animals that we domesticated to eat? Who was it that caused the wind, the tides, and the weather? Not Yahweh. Not God. It was the sun. Reject Christofascism. Fall into the warm embrace of the Sun.

  • We might as well worship something that actually exists

    Let's face it: the god of Abrahamic religion does not exist. The Lord is simply the fantasy of delusional semetic cults. Unlike an imaginary deity, the Sun is a observable object that is responsible for all life - yes, all life on Earth. It it much less absurd to worship the Sun than the creation of ancient mystics who, on a grand scale, knew nothing of the world.

  • Yeah I guess

    Someone who "created everything?" I don't think so, we don't need to rely on god, but we need the sun, if the sun stopped admitting light, we would only live for less than a month! All plants would die within a week!, All life would be gone! So be grateful that the sun still admits light!

  • Of course we should!

    Why worship something that we don't know is definitely there when we can worship something that produces light, food for the plants and aids in water by creating enough heat to evaporate sea water which turns into water that we drink? It's not like we would have to sacrifice anyone, we should just thank the sun for existing and helping us live our lives.

  • No no no

    Worship God,and serve him only.For he loves all,and after all he made the sun,that is so stupid the sun😆🌞 funny funny.Im a Christian and I believe God made all including the sun.The sun is just sun that blinds you.LOL,ha ha ha.Just choose God not the sun,let God take care of the sun.

  • That is the worst idea I have ever heard.

    God is the only One. Not the sun. When you worship God, you are telling him that you love him and everything. And if we worship the sun. It is not God. God made it, but it is not God. Therefore, we should not worship the sun, and just go on worshipping the one true God.

  • Why should we?

    For years we have worships our Bhagwan, our Allah, our God. Why do we leave this historic and cultural faith and start worshipping an object which gives us light. I see no need to stop our culture. I say we continue worshipping whoever we worship. If people wish to worship the sun, it is up to them.

  • "Thou shalt have no other gods before Me."

    God commanded His people (Israel in the Old Testament, Christians in the New Testament) to worship God only. To worship any other thing is idolatry. The sun should not be worshipped, no more than water should be worshipped, nor silver, gold, NOTHING deserves worship except for the Creator God Yahweh.

  • N o p e

    Nope. What if they don't worship. Then all of a sudden someone is telling them WORSHIP THE SUN. What if they don't want to. There is something called FREEDOM OF CHOICE. What if they don't want to worship the sun. Then what? Do they go to jail or get killed or something. Everyone should worship what they want to worship, if they want to worship.

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Jedd says2016-02-06T13:43:20.217
So heartwarming seeing theists debate each other on a topic like this