• Yes, They should

    The progressive tax system is the best tax system and they should contribute more for society by keeping in check that rich people do not feel looted because they are the source of investments too, Taking tax more than their capacity can decrease the investment in the country too. They may be providing too many jobs for the people but those people are also paying their taxes and job providers earn through these people only, So if we will analyse carefully both the employer and employee are helping each other, That doesn't mean that rich people(employer) shouldn't pay the tax.

  • Wealthy americans are selfish and they don't suffer like the middle class does

    They are not contributing. And if a wealthy american is charged of murder then they could bail themselves out but if a middle-class person gets charged for murder then they don't have enough money to bail themselves even though they deserve it so does the wealthy Americans because they have to serve what they get

  • Wealthy Americans should not be taxed as much for they fuel the Capitalist system in America to provide jobs and wealth to other Americans.

    They contribute it to the sense that many of our jobs come from the wealthy founders in American History, Take J. P. Morgan and John D. Rockefeller. For without them, Jobs such as the railroad industry would not provide many jobs during the late 1800s and early 1900s. Of Course, You must pay attention to the fact that raising taxes on the wealthy sends businessmen away to other countries such as Switzerland and China. On the terms of equality compared to middle-class Americans, They have had to pay more with losses rather than middle-class workers, Especially during the Covid-19 Crisis. You can make a claim that the wealthy do not do much for Americans but when you hear the rough stories about how capitalists and the wealthy entrepreneurs are not doing enough for the American citizens, They never need to, It is not their moral obligation to provide for the poor for many have to struggle.

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