• Yeah of course

    Dude we have so much extra money and some of those countries in africa or 3rd world countries that really need the most money the can get because were making all these extrs thing where they could easily be getting more food so they could actually even survive in this world

  • Rich countries forget their wealthiness is coming from poor countries as well

    We are a global economy, rich countries inhabitants dress clothes made in Indonesia, have support IT service from India, buy cars made in Mexico. Do you think is a coincidence that most poor countries are rich in natural resources? Those poor countries are exploited by rich countries. Do you really think you would be capable of having all that wealthiness, all that high standards of living without poor countries. All the companies that bring money to their rich countries are international, you forget really easily that richness and poverty exist because of the inequity in the distribution of money, that all the countries rely on each and that poor countries have help to build rich countries whether they like it or not. While is true that companies that come from rich countries provide jobs on poor countries, and can help to activate local economy, it is also undeniable that workers on poor countries don't earn nearly as much as the same workers on the rich countries. Let's be clear, it wouldn't be a real business if foreign companies did not earn more that what they give, -and most of the time this companies are really ruthless-. I'm not saying that poor countries should close your doors to rich countries, what I'm saying is that common people should be really aware of this connection (and according to the Yes and No answers I've read so far you really don't have a clue), because believe me goverment and high rank businessmen, they already know that, -they just happen to like how things are right now-. So is not a matter to help poor countries because you are benevolent or good, is a matter of being a conscious person that acknowledge the privilege in which you were born, take the responsability to address the problem of global wealth inequality and do something about it. Wake up people you depend on poor countries as much a poor countries depend on rich countries!

  • We both deserve the right to live without worrying about food

    We all deserve to be able to afford at least two meals a day. Poorer countries' citizens however, do not have this right. Richer countries should help poorer countries develop. People may say that they have to work on their own to get richer, but they did not do anything to get poorer. Some poor people were born in poor families, and automaticaly became poor from the moment they were born. They work hard to live, and none of it if actually their fault.

  • Helping the Less Fortunate

    As a global community, countries that have more goods, power, and money should feel morally obligated to assist those less fortunate than them as long as the countries that are in need of aide make proper use of those goods and not use them on war or genocide. This aide will bring the world closer together.

  • It Would Be The Right Thing to Do

    Yes, wealthy countries should help poor countries. There are many areas where people do not have homes, food, or clean water. Many people struggle every day just to get by. There is no reason why wealthier countries could not help these poorer countries. By pooling extra resources and systematically targeting specific areas, they could help people to become educated and self-sufficient with the proper tools, training and supplies.

  • Yes, if your own country isn't without, helping poorer countries should be a priority

    Provided their own people are taken care of, yes I do think wealthier countries should find ways to help poor ones. It wouldn’t be very “American” to do nothing, not when your own country is in decent shape, to let others go without. However, I do believe a country should always look out for their own and keep their own people as a top priority, but there are always ways to help the less wealthy, and when you’re country isn’t lacking, which I’m not sure if any country isn’t in a lacking shape these days, helping others should be a priority. However, on the other hand, a lot of money that's supposed to aid in helping the poor, mysteriously ends up "missing" and ends up supporting corrupt governments, so I believe in stricter regulations for charities, but I do believe in helping where help is needed, provided your own are taken care of. I happen to think there are many wonderful ways to help the poorer countries though, such as helping them open trade-barriers, so that poor countries can begin selling their own goods. Helping them get on their feet, not controlling them by "giving."

  • Wealthy countries should help poor countries.

    Wealthy countries should help poor countries. Often wealthy countries only do this when they have something to gain, but wealthy countries should help poor countries even when this isn't the case. Poorer countries often experience political instability and are home to suffering people. If a country that is wealthy can help suffering people then they should.

  • The aid doesn't solve the problems.

    The historic legacies left by the wealthiest countries do not allow poorer countries to develop. The Atlantic slave trade provided the consequences that are not eradicated still. I believe, rich countries should stop getting richer by taking advantages of poor ones. If we change the political, economical situation towards justice, then every country will be fine. Aid only prolongs the dependency of poor populations.

  • No this can cause international issues

    I don't think wealthy countries should be helping poor countries that much. If the country is wealthy they likely worked hard for it and should be able to enjoy their wealth. If they are always helping poor countries then the poor country has no motivation to change their ways and work towards wealth.

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