Should wealthy individuals, unions and corporations be allowed to engage in unlimited spending to influence elections?

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  • No, wealthy people and companies should not use unlimited funds in campaigns.

    There is too much influence of the rich already in our governmental processes. People who are wealthy and corporations which are treated as persons are allowed to use all sorts of money to influence campaigns and elections. They may call this democracy, but it certainly is not and it needs to be curbed.

  • Wealthy individuals, unions and corporations should not be allowed to contribute unlimited spending to influence elections.

    When wealthy donors are allowed to contribute unlimited funds to campaigns, because it gives wealthy donors a disproportionate amount of power, in two ways: First, unlimited campaign funding influences the election itself, in that the candidate with the most money will be more likely to win the election. Second, once elected, the candidate (now an office holder), is, at least to some extent, beholden to his or her donors. So, this policy not only influences the election itself, but also the legislation enacted by the office-holders who they help to elect.

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