• We are all same human beings.

    We are all same human beings in the world. Even the skin color and other things are different, we are all same human. We have our own right to be respected and we have the right to get help when we need helps. We are all important beings. So I think wealthy nations should help poors.

  • Spread the Wealth.

    Wealthy nations should help poor nations. We all should be considered with helping those who are less fortunate help achieve a better quality of life and do whatever we can to help. We all deserve a chance at the best life we can have, and giving help to poor nations can make a big difference.

  • Why can't we?

    If wealthy nations have enough money to help others and support a stable life for ourselves, Why can't we help people in need. We should all be treated the same. However right now we are not all treated the same. Wealthy nations live in luxury homes and poor nations live on the street or small shacks. And it is being nice.

  • Wealthy notions should indeed help out

    Because its a humane thing to do, helping out someone in need is one of the most satisfying things to do, just doing what you can and trying to make a difference could change their world, and if you can change one persons life you can change a whole nation.

  • Wealhy nations should help out

    Yes wealthy nations should help out poor nations when they need it. The poor nation should not become reliant on the wealthy nation but if there is an emergency or the poor nation really needs to get something done then the wealthy nation should be willing to help out if they can.

  • Yes, but only to a certain degree

    I believe wealthier nations should help poor nations only if it does not deplete their own resources and eventually result in the poverty of the country donating help. The United States is one of the countries that often helps other, more poverty stricken countries too often, and these days, there are people in this country who are hungry and homeless. I believe charity starts at home, and one country should only help another if their own citizens are not struggling.

  • Yes, wealth nations should help poor nations

    For many reasons, including the fact that our faith teaches us to help those in need, wealthy nations should help those less fortunate. I feel that there needs to be two caveats on this - one is that we should not assist corrupt nations. If they want our help, they need to clean up their house. And also, it should not be to the exclusion of our own needy at home.

  • Reew now mec

    Do to the fact that people want the help, some wealthy countries do not have enough resorces or anything to support the inner cities that are under their controll, leading to more of a fall of theirs than a rise of another. Asfj as s ad as s da s

  • Wealthy Nations Are Not Helping in the Correct Manner

    As seen in the Arab Spring, we are sending our own troops and dedicating lives and money that we simply CANNOT afford. If it's a few charity funds here and there and assisting the establishment of a stable government, that would be fine. However, the US with it's International Police is risking the health and security of its own citizens while only making us targets for misdirected hatred. The US debt is horrendous and resting the decisions that will affect the entire country on a few naive morals is something that is VERY dangerous to support.

  • No, and here is why.

    The word "nation" was the wrong word to use. What is being inferred by the word nation is that all people of that particular wealthy nation have an obligation to help another nation that is worse off. This is suggesting the use of government coercion. If a private charity is willing to send aid, then that is fine, as the people have willingly given their money towards this cause.

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