• Hell to the yeah

    We need these kids to be shooting each other all the time at school. That would make it such a damn cool place because then if someone bumps into you in the hall you can just grab your gun and shoot them in the face. Lets make murder legal you fags!

  • Yes of course

    Students should have weapon's we don't want another Columbia High School shooting or a student bringing a bomb to school or whatever i'am a student and I say we should have a possible chance against a student or a adult who is threatening my life or my friends life so I say yes.

    Posted by: dcvw
  • Yes yes yes

    Protection against school shooters is important. What would happen if some kid brought a gun to school and started shooting other kids. If all the other students had guns the threat would be quickly dealt with. Knives, guns, and other weapons of self-defense should be allowed at school. It helps fight crime.


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  • Why students should have weapons at school

    I think that if students have weapons at school and there was an emergency (such as a lock-down or something like that), the students would be able to defend themselves should they be separated from their teacher and/or defending adult that happened to be with them at the time. This is my argument.

  • Yes we should

    We should be able to bring guns to school, sure it may cause more shootings, but it will also cut down on the kidnappings after school. They would just have to enforce stricter laws that kids cannot use them against other students, and if they were to use them against other students then they would lose self defense privileges.

  • To help if there is a lock down at school

    We need to have teachers to have guns or any type of weapon so if the lock down and the criminal breached in or killed all of the cops and the guy gets into one of the rooms than a teacher would be able to take that guy down. Plus if you did not know this ever since Sandy hook happened there has been school shootings almost every week this is why the school staff should be able to carry guns in school

  • Yes teachers should

    You never hear of anyone shooting at a gun shop because the have guns and other weapons if schools had protection it would lower shooting rates or if there is a big shooting then it might help lower the risks of deaths that is why I think it should be legal

  • Yes They Should

    Because someone might put a weapon on a teacher and the teacher would have a weapon for self defense And The Students Can Be Safe To Because At The school Sandy Hook Elementary 26 students had got shot and some teachers got shot to that's why I think there should be weapons in school

  • It's not as safe as you may think It is.

    Students should be able to have the opportunity to learn self defense in case if an emergency. It should be taught at least once or twice a week. They should learn it so if someone tries to rob a school, instead of having to live the rest of there life knowing that they killed someone at such a young age they can escape without injuring themselves. They might also injure them selves with a weapon

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  • Not the place

    There's this bizarre idea that if you put weapons in the hands of every student and teacher, there would never be an act of gun violence inside of a school again, because... everyone has a gun? Everyone will suddenly become John McClane are prevent massive casualties in the face of a threat? It's one of the most bizarre things I've ever heard.

  • no they shouldn't

    I do not think that weapons should be allowed inside of schools. At least for students, weapons should not be allowed. I am in favor of teachers and other faculty members being allowed to arm themselves in case of dangerous situations. I think that if teachers were allowed to be armed, then school shootings would decrease and also more deaths would be prevented. Students should never be allowed to have weapons though.

  • Schools Should Be Neutral Zone

    I do not believe weapons should be allowed in schools. I believe schools should be a solely neutral territory. I believe it would be better to implement through security checks, to enter the building, other than allowing weapons in for protection. Students should be shielded from harm in a way that doesn't psychologically damage them.

  • People with weapons in school are the problem

    No, weapons should not be allowed in school. At the most an armed guard would suffice and this should be a police officer. We have serious issues with people, adults and student shooting up schools full of children as it is there does not need to be an all out gunfight on school grounds.

  • No they should not be allowed.

    Weapons should not be allowed on school as it posses a risk to both students and teachers. If they were permitted on school campus there would be a lot more shootings and deaths because sometimes teens can get angry or upset and don't have the same reasoning that adults do and might shoot someone who makes them upset.

  • There dangerous, right?

    Why should kids be allowed to have weapons in school when you hear about shootings all the time.Who wants a kid going into the hallway and stabbing his "friend". Ithink we should ban any weapons in school and have metal detectors so they cant bring them into the school system

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