Should weapons be available to anyone that wants to have one?

  • Weapons should be allowed to whoever wants one.

    I cannot believe that people would say that we aren't allowed to have a gun if we want one. I'm not saying that they aren't bad people that want a gun for immoral reasons, but the people that use them for self-defense shouldn't be ignored in their request because of a handful of crazy people. Weapons should be available because they can be used for self-defense, and it's a human right.

  • No they shouldn't.

    Of course weapons should not be available to anyone who wants to have one. I am sure there are many murders and criminals who would like to have a weapon. If they really want a weapon, they can probably figure out a way to get one. However, to say they should have a weapon is a different thing. No they shouldn't!

  • Weapons should not be allowed to anyone.

    It is ridiculous to think that weapons should be available to anyone just because they want one. Weapons are an item of violence and making them more accessible to the public would just create violence, especially if they are kids because kids do not know any better when it comes down to it.

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