• Freedom of speech

    I am very against hate and hate speech, however, people have a freedom of speech. Everybody has different opinions, some that most would agree are ridiculous, but the ones who have such opinions are entitled to those opinions. Hate is ignorance, and there is no point in suppressing ignorance, but there is reason to change the minds of the bigoted.

  • This shouldn't be a question.

    Hate accounts are pointless, typically run by trolls or bored 12 year olds, annoy the crap out of everyone, and are pointless as it is. They're uncivil and have no purpose, and dealing with these people? That's always a pain. Life would be easier if we subtracted them from the equation.

  • Yes yes and yes

    I'm so glad people agree why would we not I'm sick of running into trolls and being forced to deal with them it's tiresome. I just want to find some peace but NOOOOO they just keep bugging me like why what's the point oh wait there is no point so no more hate accounts!

  • They offer nothing good.

    We learned as kids that if you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all. These 'hate' accounts are little more than vitriol and either a) wind up being irrational trolls or, b) become so acerbic and irrational that legitimate complaints are often just buried. Banning them won;t eliminate them, but it will reduce them - trolls are infamous about plying the rules - but in this case, when they cross it? Gone.

  • Let me explain.

    A hate account is an account on a website whose primary purpose is to hate on another person, group, place or franchise. Such an account (example target: "TheWhale") will usually have a name like "TheWhaleSucks" or "FailWhale." Some MMORPGs already ban names like this for players and guilds. Do you think more websites should ban these names and the kind of accounts that typically are called by them?

  • Yes, without a doubt

    I have recently encountered a hate account and the all the posts are so rude! I understand if they don't like that person they are hating on and I respect that but what they're saying on that account is unbelievable. The account owner was no more than 13 years old and I definitely think all social media should take notice if this immediately.

  • Only posting on the NO side to say this...

    I do agree to some standards that hate accounts should be banned, but if websites are flat-out going to ban someone for disagreeing with another persons viewpoint, it needs to be on a case-by-case basis. Why would a website like YouTube want to flat-out block someone for commenting on a Diet Coke commercial for saying "Ugh... Diet Coke? I hate that stuff!" As for trolls, well, what is considered trolling and when is it just another case of young people who are looking for attention?

    Posted by: S.K

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Forthelulz says2015-06-01T06:31:30.633
I can't wait for genesis and heil to find this one... (Hates all things non-Protestant, and white supremacist, respectively)