Should websites be allowed to ban users for opposing the predominant social views of its users?

Asked by: Adam2
  • You agreed to it

    You agreed to let them do this, also, you are not the ones paying for the servers, and while I don't agree with them doing it, it is their website. If you don't think they should do this, tell them, but they have the right to decide what stays and what goes, and if you don't like that, don't use the website

  • No definitely not.

    I saw this video on Youtube the other day that said something I believe applies greatly to this. It said "there is a difference between criticism and hate." Freedom of speech is a human right and therefore it would be outrageous for a person to ban someone from a website just because they hold an opposing view. Honestly, it would be very frivolous and immature to do this because it shows that whoever is shutting this website down is either very close minded, or afraid of the opposition because they know some people may come up with valid points or evidence to scrap the validity of their views.

  • It's outrageous BS

    Why the fu-- should I be banned because I have an opinion different from the rest of the majority of users. I think Sodahead is an elitist piece of s--t. They should be ousted from the internet, find business elsewhere. What a piece of crap of site. I would proudly spit on the owner.

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