• Yes it should

    Alcohol and cigarettes are just as harmful as drugs. They are legal. Why aren't drugs? The drug war needs to be ended worldwide. But just because I support drug legalisation does not mean that I support drug use. On the contrary, I strongly recommend everyone avoids it. But it should still be legal for adults.

  • Countering illogical reasons

    I will use materials from the "No" section to help address some common points they use.

    "Weed" is illegal, Because of existing law, That is not a legitimate reason of argument. If one day it is deemed legal, Then I can use it to support my argument? No, That's ridiculous.

    Drugs have serious harmful effects? So are Caffeine and Alcohol. The only difference is that there are regulations to control how much people can put into their products. Therefore any argument that because it is harmful, Therefore bad is ridiculous.

    Weed is scientifically proven to be less harmful than tobacco. Weed does not contain more tar than traditional tobacco cigarettes. However it is true that more carbon monoxide is breathed in if consumed via burning.

    Everything can become addictive: alcohol, Painkillers, Working, Gambling, Smoking. Are we going to ban everything now? That's ridiculous. Instead of complaining, Put in place regulations to control and help addiction.

    It is too easy to assume legalising something means complete freedom. With proper regulation and safeguards anything can be controlled, Like alcohol.

  • Weed should remain illegal

    Firstly weed is a drug. Drugs have a serious and harmful effects, It can cause; slowing brain function, Causing damage to airways in the lungs and increasing heart rate and appetite. Secondly weed is some ways more harmful than cigarettes as; weed contains 4 times more tar than in cigarettes, Weed users inhale more carbon monoxide and it was reported that smoking weed does much damage to the lungs as five chain-smoked cigarettes. Finally it also doesn't help that weed is addictive very much in like smoking and alcohol like we have rehab to treat excess drinking and have quitting smoking programs we know that it's best to keep people away from the addictive substances however legalising weed would be bad idea as it allow the harmful substance to be fit for consumption by the public and pull people in it's addictiveness, So in order to keep the public it must remain illegal.

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