• Here's a few things to consider.

    Marijuana has never, in recorded history, been responsible for the overdose death of one patient. Not ONE in recorded history. No other drug, legal or otherwise, can claim this distinction.

    Marijuana is not addictive.

    Marijuana, because of the type of high it provides, is NOT a gateway drug. Users addicted to other drugs are so addicted because they sought out another kind of high.

    In the US alone, billions are spent propping up the police, courts, attorneys and self styled "recovery" centers to "treat" marijuana "addicts." the only reason they're there in the first place is because the courts made them go.

    Legalize marijuana. Its not for the government or anyone to say what one does with their free time.

  • Yes Weed Should Be made legal

    A regulated, legal market in marijuana would reduce marijuana sales and use among teenagers, as well as reduce their exposure to other drugs in the illegal market. The illegality of marijuana makes it more valuable than if it were legal, providing opportunities for teenagers to make easy money selling it to their friends. If the excessive profits for marijuana sales were ended through legalization there would be less incentive for teens to sell it to one another. Teenage use of alcohol and tobacco remain serious public health problems even though those drugs are legal for adults, however, the availability of alcohol and tobacco is not made even more widespread by providing kids with economic incentives to sell either one to their friends and peers.

  • Should weed be made legal

    I think that weed should be made legal because nobudy is going to stop smokeing any way and its not going to stop being transpouting to the us so why not make it legal so why hasent been made legal yet i think it should be made legal so yhea

  • Yea it should

    Ganj is nice and it dont do nothing bad its just the feds who make such a big deal about a bit of grass that has no major impact on health. It is not addictive nor can it kill you so yeah just legalize the plant man legalize the ting #DOE

  • Yea it should

    Ganj is nice and it dont do nothing bad its just the feds who make such a big deal about a bit of grass that has no major impact on health. It is not addictive nor can it kill you so yeah just legalize the plant man legalize the ting #DOE

  • It cures cancer

    Why i think weed should be legal in the U.S is because weed is far more safe than tobacoo and alcohol so they should make it legal, another reasonn is that weed cures cancer and it also causes way less more car crashes around the world. Thats why weed should ne legal

  • Yes yes yes

    Yes there are negative things about weed just like there are negatives about everything else in the world. But the positives out weight the negatives by a landslide. According to Editorial Staff from the website Human N Health “More than 800,000 people are arrested each year for marijuana
    Approximately 52% of all drug arrests reported in United States compromise on marijuana cases. Decade ago the percentage was just 44$ of all drug arrests. Roughly 46% of all drug prosecutions nationwide are for marijuana possession and off those 46%, about 86% are charged due to the possession only. The remaining 14% are charged with “sale/manufacture” only.” You know what that means? That’s 800,000 peoples jail stay YOU are paying for using your hard earned money to pay for some pointless jail stay. Actually legalizing weed the country will make money by taxing it. Weed is proven to be good for you according to the article The Top Ten Reasons Marijuana Should Be Legal from alter net “Marijuana use has positive attributes, such as its medical value and use as a recreational drug with relatively mild side effects. Many people use marijuana because they have made an informed decision that it is good for them, especially Americans suffering from a variety of serious ailments. Marijuana provides relief from pain, nausea, spasticity, and other symptoms for many individuals who have not been treated successfully with conventional medications. Many American adults prefer marijuana to the use of alcohol as a mild and moderate way to relax. Americans use marijuana because they choose to, and one of the reasons for that choice is their personal observation that the drug has a relatively low dependence liability and easy-to-manage side effects. Most marijuana users develop tolerance to many of marijuana's side effects, and those who do not, choose to stop using the drug. Marijuana use is the result of informed consent in which individuals have decided that the benefits of use outweigh the risks, especially since, for most Americans, the greatest risk of using marijuana is the relatively low risk of arrest.” Thank you for your time have a nice day

  • Marijuana should be legalized.

    Marijuana is safe and should be made legal for recreational and medical uses. According the website Drugpolicy.Org weed isn't a gateway drug or has no health risks along with doing the drug. Roughly 750,000 people get arrested a year for possession of weed. Marijuana has never killed anyone ever and over 17.4 million people have said they have used it within a month. This needs to be made legal for adults over 18.

  • Marijuana can have positive effects on the body.

    Marijuana can have positive effects on your body. It is given to cancer patients and people with neurological illneses, have you ever heard anything positive about heroin, cocaine? I can answer that, no you have not. In some countries marijuana is classified in the same drug class as heroin, cocaine meth etc. and that is just crazy, why should a drug that can have positive effects on the body be classed in the same drug class as those drugs. Du you give alcohol or ciggarettes to people with cancer? No you don't but alcohol and ciggarettes are completely legal whilst a drug like marijuana is illegal.

  • We should legalize weed

    I think wee should legalize weed. Im only 14 and i know alot of people that they said it calms u down and it does. People say that you shouldnt because it makes crazy that is a lie it just chills you out. Thats it it is not bad it is a plant its not some expirement its a plant and it should be shared with any one

  • It is, infact, a gateway drug.

    I have no problem with the drug itself, but it is too much a gateway drug to be made legal. Other drugs, that weed leads you to, are very bad. They kill many people, and ruin peoples lives. We cannot subject people to that by legalizing weed. Weed is a gateway drug!

  • That is so dumb

    Why would you want people in our world to get hooked on smoking weed? Making weed legal is the dumbest thing ever. America is supposed to be smart and successful not smoking joints when you feel like it. Weed is pointless and not a necessity. So no weed should not be legal

  • Common arguments about weed.

    People keep regurgitating the same arguments about marijuana.

    1. "Not a single person has died of marijuana"
    Correction: "Not a single person has DIRECTLY died of marijuana." Marijuana messes with your brain and makes you do stupid things, like crash your car.

    2. "Marijuana has thousands of uses, like paper."
    Correction: "HEMP has thousands of uses." Hemp is not the same as weed. Hemp is currently illegal in the US because of a technicality, but that may soon change.

    3. "It will make usage go down."
    Correction: It will make usage go UP. Places where it is legalized actually have higher usage. Plus, it won't change high school usage at all, since the lift of the ban only covers adults.

    And yes, I am in favor of a tobacco ban.

  • Go Ahead, Get Yourselves In Another Sticky Situation

    Ahem. THERE'S NOT ENOUGH RESEARCH! Do you really want to take the risk of wrecking people's lives without even knowing for sure the risks? Besides, there is a lot of evidence for marijuana's negative effects already. Sure, why don't those supporters go ahead and make another decision that is based on inadequate information? Pretty much everything us humans did wrong started out like that.

  • What is wrong with everyone, literally?

    If we legalize Marijuana- you might as well go and legalize Khat (which is more natural than weed), psychedelic mushrooms, heroine (which comes from poppies) oh and don't forget opium. Just because we don't have the stats on who's death can directly be linked to Marijuana doesn't make it any less dangerous. Marijuana contains a lot of chemicals that are harmful to your system and in fact can have some poisonous toxins that are in fact higher in Marijuana smoke than tobacco (such as benzopyrene and carbon monoxide). Are you forgetting that tobacco is a plant too? Nobody thought that was dangerous. Most people who smoke tobacco also smoke Marijuana so it's almost impossible to distinguish if smoking Marijuana too helped to excel someone's demise. Well, we need statistics to prove this don't we? All you lovely people who march for the legalization of recreational drugs can take a good look at your children and remember that you are giving them the opportunity to become guinea pigs for future generations after. It doesn't take a genius to figure out "smoke in lungs= bad" just like "fork in eye=bad"... Maybe some people have to do it to believe it which is unfortunate because now I have to live in a world of people crying about their mental and physical disabilities that they themselves are responsible for and I have to help pay for. Here's a great idea, instead of doing drugs- how about learning a new skill or exercising? Teach your kids and teens about the importance of helping the environment, caring for animals or volunteering... Not recreational drug-use.

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