• Government Not Being Fair

    I think there should be no Welfare because the system is being used and the people who live here are getting to LAZY to go out and search for a job there are millions of jobs out there the American people are getting to lazy to get up and work.

  • It shouldn't have been implemented to begin with.

    Getting rid of it is a lot more difficult than simply not implementing it to begin wtih. By now people have already made life choices that have led them and their children to be dependent on welfare. We have to wean people off of it, which could take an entire generation or longer. Our economy would be better off in the end.

    Posted by: Quan
  • Yes, we can handle ourselves.

    Yes, welfare should be banned in the United States, because the United States was the wealthiest of all when there was no welfare. If people need charity, they should go to a charity or other organization, such as a church. People should pay less in taxes so they can give to charities. We would be a richer nation without welfare.

  • Welfare should be banned in the U.S..

    Welfare is a bad idea and it should be banned in the United States. American taxpayers will not tolerate a system where people are paid for simply being citizens. If people do not work they should not be able to collect money from the government. We are a country that values self reliance.

  • It should be banned, People are getting too lazy

    I work hard and I can’t stand people who live off Welfare for the rest of their lives. They get free paychecks every month and the tax payers are the one getting fuck over by this. It should be ban from the country only lazy people had welfare. Is not fair

  • US Welfare Abuse

    As a Taxpayer, I’m tired of supporting people that are more than capable of taking care of themselves. Most have become to accustomed to handouts. We, The people, Earn our living with our blood & guts in the work force and refuse to support lazy Americans, Not to mention the illegals that receive the benefits of our tax dollars. Ban welfare now!

  • Ban Free Welfare

    I'm totally against folks getting on welfare and staying on it forever. Hardship, 6 moths, cut'em loose. I have never accepted a handout and never will. I work hard for my money and despise giving to a lowlife that just don't want to work for themselves, not to mention giving my tax dollars to illegals! Drug tests should be mandatory for ALL welfare recipients! If we just ban welfare, problem solved!

  • People need to take care of themselves

    Taxpayers should not have to pay someone to sit at home and do nothing. People survived on their own for thousands of years without someone else providing for them. Everyone should be required to work to provide for themselves and their family. People need to take care of their own family, not complete strangers. This country is going downhill with all of the freeloaders. Also, if people don't make enough to pay federal taxes they shouldn't be allowed to vote. They generally only vote for people who will continue to give them handouts.

  • It is a system of parasites, injustice, and government oppression

    I have personally seen the damage caused by welfare. It rewards parasites who refuse to work at the expense of tax-payers who work full time and already struggle to make ends meet. People who live off of welfare often raise their children in this environment, who in turn are raised to believe that living off welfare is acceptable. Liberal morons and the democrats would have the world believe otherwise, that welfare provides for the poor and downtrodden. To them, I ask a question:
    If a mosquito lands on someones' wrist and draws their blood, what should that person do? Should that person praise the mosquito and offer it their other wrist, or swat it?
    Any sensible person would swat it. Not only does the mosquito draw precious life blood, but also injects horrible diseases such as malaria, and in times past, yellow fever, both of which can kill. On a national scale, this mosquito doesn't draw blood, it draws the earnings of the work force. This mosquito doesn't inject malaria or yellow fever either, it injects a gospel of sloth, ignorance, and corruption that destroys the nation.
    Finally, the liberal tyrants who support this, "benevolent" cause actually have a very sinister and secretive intent behind their scheme. Welfare recipients become dependent on the government that feeds their sloth, and as such, they are forced to support it to continue receiving their income. A system like that is not democracy, it is despotism and autocracy in every way. Liberals will lie to the world about it, they will tell the world that they are representing the interests of the poor, but will never admit or confess their true, malevolent motives. Many would also say that I'm wrong, but I have seen this situation happen so many times with my own eyes, and I will not have it for the country. Therefore, this evil should be eradicated, and anyone who supports it should be put to shame.

  • Welfare should be outlawed in all but the rarest of circumstances.

    Welfare is nothing more than an inefficient use of tax dollars. While strolling down the beach on labor day, I noticed several large families in a park enjoying barbecues (no, they weren't white). If I revisit tomorrow, it will be the same thing.

    The point is, instead of handing out money, we need to get people to really think. It's the hardest job in America and even our President doesn't seem to want to do it.

    If we would just stop cutting fat checks to Israel, Africa, Saudi Arabia, and China we might have a chance. We could cut back on disastrous military spending, and give tax cuts all all around. Contrary to popular belief, not all rich people are greedy. It's the poor in this country who are really greedy... Taking and giving nothing back. Almost all innovation--cures for major diseases, the latest technology, charities etc... Are fueled by the rich.

    We eliminate the source of the problem--welfare, and we get people to think. Maybe young black men will be more responsible getting teenagers pregnant if they can't turn to welfare. Maybe people will realize they have to work hard in life to be able to get a job and feed themselves, hence less crime. Maybe people will treat each other just a little better. Maybe the lines between race will become nonexistent if everyone is forced to try, and not leech off others. America needs to stop making excuses and wake up!

  • As a member of the Welfare system myself...

    Let me just start out by saying that at the age of 18 I had already been through my first year of college, had my own house to myself, and was working close to 40 hours a week. That being said I think we can agree that I was pretty successful for someone my age. Later on my boyfriend moved in with me, first as just a friend needing a place to stay since he and his sister had recently been evicted from their house. (she wasn't paying her half of rent and he didn't realize this until it was too late) obviously we later started dating. This past March I found out I was pregnant, and now I am currently age 20 and 6 months pregnant with our first baby. At one point I kicked him out because the reality of the situation wasn't kicking in for him. I told my boss at the job I had been at for 2 years at this point that I was pregnant. He then cut my hours in MORE THAN HALF, giving me only a mere 10 hours a week which no one, especially a single pregnant woman can live off of. Even though I hate the system I had to apply for welfare. I needed medical care and food for my growing baby, and you know what they gave me? 16$/ month in food stamps... Not helpful at all. I soon had to quit my job because it was costing me more to work there (gas money) than I was making in a paycheck. I then lost my house. So at only 4 months pregnant I was jobless and homeless, and still am at 6 months, I've been bouncing around family members living on 16$ in food stamps and keeping my baby healthy through only prenatals. The system is barely helping me and I just need it until the baby is born so I can get a job again because no one will hire a pregnant woman. I'm not even being lazy, I've applied to over 30 jobs in the past 2 months and no one will hire me because I'm pregnant. I was screwed over and now the system is barely even helping me. It doesn't need banned it needs reformed. I would be more than happy to do a drug test and meet other requirements to prove that I'm not taking advantage of the system. Some of us just need it temporarily until we can get back on our feet again....

  • No - the social safety net exists for a reason

    Welfare is basically an insurance policy for all of us. Anyone could face losing a job or coming down with a crippling illness that prevents them from working. Many people just need a little help to get through a difficult period. Others, such as those with mental illness, would love to get educations or jobs, but need help getting symptoms under control (often very treatable) before they can improve their lives.

    If there is abuse of the system, we should seek to reform and improve it, not throw out the baby with the bath water. That would only be a step in the wrong direction, and ignores all the compelling reasons why welfare programs were instituted in the first place.

  • People need help

    There are many people who are homeless and jobless in America today and I believe they need something to start their way so maybe someday from that money they could get a job, and maybe a nice house. Imagine someone living on the streets. They can't just live there forever. They have to have SOMETHING that can help them.

  • Welfare should not be banned in the US.

    Welfare for the very rich in the form of tax cuts and sending jobs overseas should be cut. That's the real problem for the economy. Doing business in the US without paying the taxes that the middle class pays. Welfare for the rich. What are people without money who have legitimate needs going to do if they are taken off welfare and assistance? They will either starve and die or turn to crime and the Black Market.

  • Welfare has a positive side and a negative side

    Perhaps the best and most classic form of welfare is food stamps. I and many other Americans enjoy the food stamps program when we are not available to work for disabilities, injuries, or worker's compensation. Since it is harder to "abuse" this form of welfare, it is good. Bad welfare is just that that is unaccounted for.

  • Welfare should not be banned in the U.S.

    Welfare should not be banned in the U.S. There are many families that depend on that to be able to provide meals on the table for their families. If we just suddenly stopped the program the increase in the amount of homeless people would just increase. We should be doing something to help these people.

  • No, selfishness should be banned instead.

    Why is it that we never complain about the trillions spent on tax cuts, wars and new weapons, but suddenly get so angry, violent and judgmental toward poor people for using our precious tax dollars? The welfare social safety net shouldn't be banned, and anyone who thinks otherwise, I simply hope they never find themselves at the unraveled end of a nightmare set of scenarios where they'd require some of it.

  • With strict limitations

    Welfare should only be allowed if they agree to mandatory birth control or--even better-- sterilization. We need to prevent the poor from reproducing at all costs. The only people that should be helped are those who have previously held jobs and can prove that they have fallen on hard times due to the current economy.

  • Absolutely not, it is helpful.

    Studies show that 90% of welfare actually helps the recipients rather then being wasted. Many like to argue that much of the welfare is wasted by people who abuse the money. Statistics show that that is not the case. Most people who receive welfare use it properly rather than wasting it.

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