Should welfare be limited to only people with disabilities?

  • yes

    for people with dissabilities and people that need TEMPORARY assistance only..the rest that "need" welfare for 5 years or some use it for their entire lives..GET A JOB LIKE THE REST OF US! its not fair for the ones that actually contribute to society. I know people that do bad things just to stay on welfare such as NOT GETTING A JOB ON PURPOSE (they dont care if they are poor, they dont have to work and they get housing assitance, food stamps and some extra money to takr care of their many kids)

  • Welfare should not be limited to only people with physical disabilities.

    Disability is a tricky word in that it does not exclusively apply to physical maladies. Many people are also mentally disabled and, as such, are just as entitled welfare benefits as those who are physically disabled. Also, some people just go through rough patches in their lives that necessitate financial assistance until they are able to get on their feet again.

  • That's cruel and cold-hearted.

    There is no need for us to limit welfare only to people with disabilities. To say otherwise shows a complete lack of empathy and an astounding amount of privileged life that has gone unacknowledged. Many people, despite their best efforts, fall on some hard times now and then. Taking away a safety net to utterly destroy them does not serve Americans well.

  • No it should not.

    I do not believe that welfare should only be limited to people with disabilities. There are many other people who need some form of assistance. I would also say that being so poor that you have no place to live, or food to eat, is a disability in itself. So my answer is no.

  • Welfare should be available to all you need it

    Restricting the use of welfare programs to those who have disabilities would do a huge disservice to those able bodied people who are using the programs because they truly need to. So many people work full time and work two or three jobs to provide for their family and still need these programs to keep their families fed or still need help to pay the bills. These people are the working poor and are actually paying into the programs they are using. There is so much misinformation about those using these programs and so many believe the programs are abused but the truth is the majority of people on the programs are not abusing them. These are the people who never tell anyone they are utilizing the programs because they will be judged and treated badly for needing the programs. There is so much stigma associated with these programs which is often perpetuated by those people who have never needed to use any type of welfare program. It's possible they might change their opinion if they actually need to use these services.

  • No but change is needed

    I don't agree with the current welfare system as it stands. Too many people are getting hand outs from the government and do not deserve it. However I don't think that limiting it to just those with disabilities will work either because there are some cases where people really deserve welfare but are not disabled.

  • Welfare Should be Open to Various Groups of People

    There's no reason we should limit welfare to only individuals with disabilities. In reality, welfare should remain open to most groups of people with low income, disabilities, and other issues. However, stricter requirements and even drug testing should be implemented to ensure that people are not gaming the system for money.

  • No, but it should be temporary for people without disabilities.

    I personally know some people who receive welfare because of their (lack of) incomes, yet they are capable of working and simply do not seek jobs out of the mindset that, "I can get this check for no effort! I can spend it on whatever I want! Why would I ever want to work???" Until this mindset changes, or until a policy is enacted that will force recipients without disabilities to obtain jobs within a defined time span, millions of people who are fully capable of working will continue to milk the system. Making welfare available only to people with disabilities would cause an uproar in the short-term, but in the long-term, many more people would be self-sufficient. Now, as for the definition of "disability" and people who abuse it to receive welfare / SSDI, that's another topic...

  • No But It Should Be For Staying On Welfare

    If you don't have a disability you should have to join a welfare-to-work program to get yourself back on your feet. Sometimes people do need this temporary assistance but that's exactly what it should be is temporary.

  • I do not think welfare should be limited to people with disabilities because it should be available to those in need.

    Many people depend on welfare, and it would cruel to cut them off unreasonably. Making a disability a requirement of getting welfare could lead to many people and doctors concocting fake disabilities in order to scam the system. Our country already has a surplus of suspect disabilities without adding an incentive to create even more.

    Posted by: SuddenRashad84
  • Welfare is needed by both the disabled and others, not just one or the other.

    Welfare is needed by those who have been subject to horrendous circumstances and ill fate, not just those who are disabled. Yes, the disabled need help to overcome their challenges and deserve welfare. But, others who may not immediately seem at a disadvantage in society may be actually quite persecuted or effectively restricted from pursuing their goals and obtaining work.

    Posted by: IllustriousVince27

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