• Welfare to Job Fair

    Their are honest, intelligent, hardworking people who have lost their jobs through no fault of their own, and because of that they need financial assistance, but often times can not get it due to too many deadbeats abusing the system. What needs to be done is to test them where their talents lie and train them in that talent and demand that this company hire this individual because they are an asset to this company.

  • Yes, too much tax dollars are wasted on Welfare

    I support Welfare but it definetly needs to be reformed yes people lose their jobs and need help or have disabilities, these people deserve some assistance. The problem comes from no good people who don't work or want to work these people should be eliminated off of welfare, this will encourage them to get a job and work for a living.

  • Welfare Requires Reform

    Without a doubt, our American welfare system needs to be reformed. The requirements for welfare assistance need to be updated. It should be harder for people to acquire long-term welfare assistance. Therefore, the government should implement a drug testing program for welfare along with other safeguards to ensure the right people receive money.

  • Welfare should be reformed.

    There are a lot of fundamental problems with the way welfare is currently operated. It is not right that working taxpayers have to pay to support people who do not even try to find jobs. The government should make sure that people do not abuse the system to get a free ride.

  • Yes, it needs more accountability.

    Of course when a mom has children that are small and can not work, then we want the society to provide for her. But there does need to be a time limit on this kind of help and maybe some training or some looking for work that needs to be proven.

  • Yes, there should be drug testing.

    Yes, welfare should be reformed, because the people who receive welfare should have to do things to help them become independent. Recipients should have to take random drug tests. They should also be prohibited from using alcohol. They should have to attend school or do community service. These are all positive ways to reform welfare.

  • Changes must be made!

    There is no question that our welfare system needs to be reformed. When you have generation after generation of families being raised on government assistance there is something wrong. We need to have some type of incentive to get people out of the welfare system. We should not reward people for having more and more children in these conditions.

  • Absolutely

    I didn't pay all that money, put forth all that effort, waste all that time in high school, college, and business school, to have a bunch of lazy drug addicts take my money. I'm not saying they're all like that. I mean they can't ALL take drugs, but a lot do. And if you can work but chose not to, you're lazy. End of story.

  • YES! Welfare should be reformed

    Welfare is in a serious need to be reformed. The current welfare policy is not working out too well the way it is right now. Those on welfare should be actively looking for jobs, which they are not. They have an easy time just collecting a welfare check. It's not fair and something needs to be done about it.

  • Yes, Welfare Should Be Reformed Periodically

    No matter how well the welfare system matches the current social structure that defines jobs, poverty, and need, it can't possibly anticipate how these systems will change. Already, more and more opportunity for revenue exists outside of traditional jobs, however traditional employers are providing far less security and fewer benefits. So the social safety net, as a whole, needs revision.

  • No further reform is required.

    There is no real need for us to reform welfare in the United States. For all the crying and wailing you hear Republicans doing about welfare fraud, the amount that actually happens is so low that it's less than two percent. The hoops you have to jump through for money and other aid are endless. There are enough checks in the system.

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