Should welfare benefits be withheld from Ferguson residents to pay for damage from the protests?

Asked by: CitizenL
  • Withhold the Benefits

    Most definitely benefits should be withheld to pay for damage to stores, to pay for damaged police vehicles, and to pay the officers that have to deal with these criminals A LOT of overtime pay to deal with these people. The protesters apparently want to live in a burned out demilitarized zone so let them. That is their right and I support that! Taxpayer money should not be used to rebuild anything. If protesters do the damage they need to do any rebuilding. The protesters are violating the civil rights of the taxpayers by expecting us to pay for the damage. I love the ones that say "You better rebuild or there will be hell to pay". Not really, we don't care what you have left. You will be the ones who have hell to pay because you will have nothing left. And when this happens you will end up turning on each other and we will be cheering you on.

  • Obligations to their Community

    When you request public assistance, you subject yourself to that level of responsibility no less than any good faith contract.

    Abuse of that contract should carry penalty. When convicted of illegal forms of protest, or destruction of property or any of the number of civil offenses that may occur that would not be in the best interest of that community, county, state, to the extent of desecrating their citizenry to the United State of America, then those benefits should be subject to forfeit.

    Treading upon those taxpaying benefactors is disrespectful. Consequences for unlawful activities is required.

    Keep your children close to you. If you'd like to maintain the ability to feed them.

  • Racism and classism at its finest.

    How could they even figure out which welfare recipients, if any, participated in the looting? I assume each case would have to be justified in court. Unless you're proposing that payments are withheld to EVERYONE on welfare in Ferguson, which I hope you aren't since that would punish mostly innocent people. This question makes me angry as it assumes rioter=black=on welfare. And they say there's no more racism in America. Sickening.

  • Collective punishment is NEVER OK

    NOT everyone in Ferguson who participated in the riots is on welfare and NOT everyone in Ferguson on welfare rioted. So this would both let some people off the hook and punish some people who had nothing to do with and maybe even morally opposed the riots.

    As for taxpayers paying for the damage unfortunately that's the only reasonable thing UNLESS and to the extent that we can convict people for property damage and include huge fines in their sentencing.

    Other than that business owners shouldn't have their livelihoods ruined just because of some riots and so taxpayers will have to foot the bill.

    The rioters attacking businesses that had nothing to do with the shooting are idiots, many of whom were likely opportunists who didn't care about the issue at all. Maybe America should have closed-circuit television like Britain, only NOT closed-circuit. To prevent abuses it should be available for viewing by everybody in the world whenever they want to view it.

  • It would be unfair

    While protests in Ferguson did cause a lot of damages and thus financial losses, it would be unfair to demand the entire community to pay for what a certain portion of the community did. By withholding welfare benefits of all Ferguson residents, the innocents would be punished along with the guilty, which is unjust and unfair.

    Secondly, welfare benefits were established to help those in need. Welfare is a right. By stripping Ferguson residents of their welfare benefits, the state is essentially dooming the lives of the poor, the medically needy and the unemployed, most of which may not have even participated in the riots!

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