• Welfare should pay more than minimum wage.

    Welfare should pay more than minimum wage. We are not talking about just one individual most of the time that we refer to welfare but an entire family. They live on welfare to support their entire family and provide food to them. If we cut welfare than we would have a lot more homeless.

  • Fucking niggers need to get a job.

    Those lazy, filthy Niggers need to get a job and stop depending on White Male tax dollars, of which the nation is based on. Overall though, if Niggers did get a job they would fix society because they are so plentiful in number in comparison to other minorities. Tl;dr Fuck those forest apes.

  • It should not.

    Welfare should not pay more than minimum wage. If anything is should pay less then minimum wage because the people who are getting it are not working for anything. It is unfair for the people who are working that are getting paid less money then those sitting at hom on the couch.

  • No it shouldn't.

    I do think that there is a really important use for welfare, but there is no reason that it should be above the minimum wage. Someone who is working should not be making less than someone who is on welfare. It would encourage minimum wage workers to stop and then get on welfare.

  • There should be no minimum wage.

    There should be no minimum wage and recipients of welfare should not be making more money than people who are going to work on a daily basis. Look at mechanical turk workers who are legally and willingly making less than minimum wage. Those sitting at home on welfare should not be making more money that those turkers putting in full time work. Something is seriously wrong with that system.

  • It's hard to say if it does, but motivation to work should be central

    Since welfare is based on systems of whether or not the welfare client has children and must provide for others, there is a standard set into place already for determing the amount of pay. Regarding those that do not have children, the bar should be set just below minimum wage so that people try to work.

  • You cant have it both ways.

    OT1H, nobody wants work to pay less than welfare; especially not the ppl that have to work for less than welfare. Thats' why theres a fast food strike. OTOH, efforts to ensure that work pays more than welfare have met broad popular resistance based solely on ideological dogmas. For example, less than 1/5 of the public supports the fast food strikes; and similar majorities oppose govt intervention against sub-welfare-wage employers. The only such effort that hasnt been met with religious corporate-libertarian opposition is eliminating welfare altogether; and ill bet the farm that will cost us even more than welfare does now.

  • I'd like free money....

    People who are on welfare without a legitimate reason are one of the reasons this country has declined to where it is, people think that they deserve something for doing nothing and then complain that it isn't enough to get by, IT'S NOT INTENDED TO BE. I have a full time job and get paid for it, you get paid for doing nothing, chances are you're on gov't assistance as well, free food, free housing, free money. Where do I sign up?

  • Diminishing the Workforce

    Definitely not. The fact that this is even a question just disgusts me. I do not appreciate people who try to get by in life by doing the bare minimum. Receiving more money from welfare would discourage people from joining the workforce. They should make a living on their own and learn how to support themselves without immense support from the government.

  • No, due to...

    No because then more people would be on welfare rather than working a minimum wage job. This would result in the government using more of the taxpayers money to support lazy people, which would in turn effect the economy. Taxpayers do not want more of their money to be spent on welfare, they want to actually benefit from their taxes

  • What would be the point?

    It would be pointless to make welfare pay more than minimum wage as it would encourage more people to unnecessarily go onto welfare. Why? Because it pays more than their minimum wage job so why work when you get more money for doing nothing? There are already a significant number of people on welfare at the moment and living costs are on the increase so increasing welfare would do no good in encouraging people to seek employment of any kind.

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