• Yes! Absolutely. We are human too.

    You have to remember that a lot of people on these things are disabled or very sick. I myself am on it because I am legally blind and have had little luck with find work that I can do. I also have a learning disability and I struggle to take care of myself. Even with these benefits, I find it difficult to feed myself at times. My mother is also on disability. She is a cancer survivor but the cancer left her body a mess and now she has many health problems and can barely even get out of the house.

    We didn't choose to be this way, We had no other choice but to rely on these services. If you think everybody on welfare is lazy and undeserving, You need a reality check.

  • They have rights that should not be stolen

    A normal Job pays barely enough for a single person to survive. . It is even harder if they have a family and elderly parents to support. Not everyone has a high paying more than 20$ an hour. People have to use aid to keep afloat. Apart from having wealth stolen from them now the elite want to take await their rights and create second and third class citizens like India.
    Even white people are on welfare but the media only shows black people. Why don't you people just openly say you only white males that own property and have a job can vote because that is what you thieves and have done in the past.
    I could get a small Asian man to do your "hard" job in half the time for cheaper than you charge it. What is slower than a welfare recipient? A white man paid by the hour!
    Go ahead with your racist dreams while china and Russia are beating you.

  • Welfare recipients are uninformed

    Let's just be honest, If you're on welfare its extremely likely you are uneducated, Have made poor life decisions, And you may even be a recovering or current drug addict. Why should these people have the same right to vote as an educated, Tax paying, Productive and well-informed member of society. An un-informed voter not only hurts themselves but there fellow citizens with their terrible and biased votes.

  • Its a conflict of interest

    Welfare recipients should not be allowed to vote as they only care about whichever party will continue giving them free money. Its bribery, Plain and simple. When welfare recipients choose to rejoin society as an active and productive member, Than they can vote again. Until then, No one should be allowed to vote that depends on the largesse and generosity of their fellow citizens.

  • No, And while we are at it, Just go ahead and ban all niggers from voting.

    This is the main issue with the Democratic party. They just pander to these entitled ass people that have never worked for shit in their life. Also, Black people naturally have lower IQ's than White people. They are taking over our government with all their Socialist nonsense. Pretty soon normal, White people will be a minority. This is why we must enact legislation that only allows us to vote. If we wait any longer, Then it will be too late. Our country will be completely overrun with liberals and we will fall. If we want our country and economy to grow, Then we must put it in the hands of those who seek the best for it. We should not give it to niggers and spics that don't care. They're just looking for a handout. In conclusion, Only well-educated, Intelligent, White people should be allowed to vote. This will obviously ensure that nobody on welfare gets a vote to help destroy our country.

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