Should welfare recipients be banned from using EBT cards at "adult entertainment establishments" such as casinos and strip clubs?

  • They should not get any $$ at all!

    Welfare of all kinds should be ended. No one has a right to welfare. Especially those who squander the money that was meant for their children but spend it on BOOZE< DRUGS< WHORES< STRIP CLUBS...This is absurd. No wonder so many kids are f'd up...We are ruining our society by allowing generation after generation to receive perpetual welfare. It was NOT meant to be forever, only a stop gap.
    ONE CHILD ONLY. After that, forced birth control, abortion or adoption. NO MONEY for a second child. If you are going to get money from the Gov't then they should be able to cut you off from reproducing if you are too dumb and lazy to raise another child. Its seems too one sided...We need to even the playing field. Hardworking taxpayers should not keep paying for degenerates to have unlimited numbers of children! There are plenty of good decent hardworking Americans who are tired of being leeched off!

  • It's not their money

    If they are so poor how can they afford strip clubs. Shouldn't they spend that money on food? They're stealing money from poor and disabled people who actually need it and using it for their own gross activities. Stop being selfish and lazy and get a job. Don't use my money witch I worked for to bang hookers.

  • Ban EBT cards from casinos

    I think that it is insane that welfare recipients can use their welfare cards at recreational places like casinos and strip clubs. Those cards are for them to be able to live a normal life without having to struggle for every single penny that they have to earn, not strip clubs.

  • Welfare recipients should be banned from using EBT cards at "adult entertainment establishments" such as casinos and strip clubs.

    Welfare recipients should be banned from using EBT cards at "adult entertainment establishments" such as casinos and strip clubs. What I want to know is who in the casino or strip club allowed them to be used in the first place? I think they should use that tax money on something else like food, clothing, and shelter.

  • Of course they should!

    Are you kidding me? Getting welfare and using it to gamble or drool over naked women at strip clubs?? No way! If it's not yet a law to ban EBT cards from such places, then it should be. That's not what I want my tax money to be used for.

  • Yes, they should.

    If you are welfare, you shouldn't be going to places like this on the tax payers' dime. Why should we have to pay for people who are too lazy to work to go have fun a casino while the rest of us have to work for a living.

    -Al Carter

  • Let them figure it out

    Welfare recipients who use their EBT cards at casinos or strip clubs will only have themselves to blame when they don't have any money to eat or live. Putting restrictions on them seems ridiculous, because even poor people need to relax every once in a while, but if it becomes a problem, it will be their problem.

  • The system is in place

    The welfare system as is is in place, and people have to understand that this is part of it. People cannot approve of welfare being given to X people for Y reasons, then suddenly dislike a few specific applications they didn't foresee. This is the extension of welfare, accept it or change it.

  • Welfare recipients should not be able to use EBT cards for adult entertainment.

    I believe that welfare recipients should be banned from using EBT cards at adult entertainment establishments such as casinos and strip clubs. That is not the purpose of welfare! Welfare is to provide for necessities such as food. Also many recipients need to support their families using these EBT cards. Use welfare to feed children, not feed the addition of gamblers!

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