• Yes, people should be tested if they are on welfare.

    I do not look down upon welfare recipients at all, as a child I received welfare in a couple different forms. However, I believe that there are a lot of people on welfare who will pay for their drugs or alcohol without remorse to whether their bills are paid. If people want assistance from the taxpayers, they should have to prove that they are doing the best they can for themselves. If help is needed, give it. But, people need to show they are not spending the money they have on useless things.

  • Just get tested. You would have to take one to secure a job.

    I have to get drug tested in order to get a job. Why can't people get drug tested in order to get welfare? If you are not on drugs then you should have no problem passing. We all know that there are people who get assistance and are not using illegal substances. We are not profiling you just because you need the assistance. Understandably, people go through hard times. It happens. However, there are too many people who work the system and abuse it and the people who are working are getting taxed for it in more way than one.

  • Definitely use drug tests and other restrictions.

    Welfare is for people to have a little help as they look for a job. Most people on welfare use the checks to pay for drugs and other crap (not saying everybody). Instead of just handing drug random people a check, U should give them a card or something where they can only spend it on food and needs. At least it's better than paying people to sit at home. A person should also have to take a drug test. I don't see why anybody would want their tax money that they worked for to be used to buy heroin. If you can't pass a drug test and your poor because u waisted money on an addiction, u shouldn't be collecting money. U should be in rehab. P.S. Why do people on welfare have iPhones?

  • Yes. People need a hand up not a hand out.

    Welfare was only meant to help people out in times of need until they can get back on their feet and help themselves. Unfortunately, for far too many it is a way of life. And you have your head in the sand if you think people who get welfare aren't using drugs and doing illegal things. There is no stigma whatsoever in getting a handout these days. There has been a steep decline in morals and values in this country, and alot of this is what drugs do to people. I work hard for my money and I should have a say where my tax money goes. I'm sick and tired of seeing people use an ebt card at the grocery store carrying a Coach bag, kids wearing 150 dollar sneakers and then put their groceries in an SUV or a luxury sedan. How is that possible????? There definitely needs to be rules and regulations. I also think that just like unemployment there has to be limits for how long you can collect welfare. And to top it all off if you are not a citizen of the United States of America with a social security number you shouldn't be able to get a penny. What other country can you go to and get money for nothing without proving citizenship. I had to drug test to get my job, why shouldn't people have to drug test to get free money?

  • Yes they should.

    Most people on welfare is using the money to go get drugs. If they are not using that money on the kids like they are suppose to then something needs to be done about it. Some people say that well if it gets took from them anyways then the children will be going without anyways. But that should just be the first step, once they find out the ones abusing the welfare for their own habits and not feeding their children or clothing them like they are suppose to be doing then someone else needs to be called in and get those children that is going without and either make sure the parents are going to do what they need to do as parents or if they are not going to then thats when the children need to be took on out of there and the parents can do without. Without the money they were getting for the kids and without the kids.

  • Yes they should be tested.

    Just like people working a job, welfare recipients should be drug tested for heavy drugs as well. If they are required to be tested to get paid, so should those who are receiving assistance money as well. This would help fill out those who might be possibly using it for drug money.

  • Anyone getting a paycheck should have to be drug tested.

    I have to be drug tested to have a job, and to keep it. Why should not those on social services and even politicians be required to pass drug tests to keep their paychecks also? Politicians we entrust to run cities towns and the country. They need to be clear headed, for the good of the country. Those on welfare need to be drug free as they make little money and live in less desirable areas. These areas are known for violence and drugs, in many cases. If less people in those areas have drugs the neighborhoods improve. Many people on welfare have kids. The kids involved should be enough of a reason. To help stop the abuse of these kids, for the safety of the children should be enough of a reason. Those on illegal substances should have their children taken away the parents put through a 6 month rehab. Then have to earn the right to get their kids back. If they can not stay clean they should be sterilized so they will not have more kids to be placed in harms way.

  • Working people do in order to have to obtain a job, so why shouldn't the people they are supporting have to

    It's not against your rights, employers do it all the time. You ignorant people who think the gov't is trying to oppress the poor. Not at all they want to hold them responsible. And invasion of privacy? Your getting PUBLIC assistance. People should not be aloud to buy cigarettes or alchohol either with the money they are getting.

  • All or none

    I get randomly drug tested, why not randomly drug test everyone that is getting something handed to them? Or not randomly drug test anyone. I feel that if you are getting something for free, it shouldn't be a big deal if a few provisions are added. Your welfare check pays for your day to day living, as does my job, so the check/ebt card/etc should be treated the same.

  • Random Drug testing would be nice

    I get randomly drug tested all the time for my very stressful job and could probably get some piece of mind by smoking something. But I don't because I want to keep my job. If I can contain myself and work for my money, they can work for their free money. You're getting free assistance, so a small random drug test won't hurt

  • There is no need

    Welfare recipients should not be drug tested. Once the government hands over the money, it's now their property and they can do whatever they want with it. If they spend it on drugs or alcohol, then fine. Now they don't have money to eat so they will starve. At least with alcohol it's a liquid with water in it so it can be used to survive. I understand most welfare recipients represent the scum of America but they are still citizens so let's not single them out.

  • What will be NEXT?

    No, people recieving a service should not be criminalized or viewed as a suspect. Many people will just say ," its just test, if you're clean, you have nothing to worry about.." I have never been to jail or prison and would not be subjected to test which imply criminal behavior. The choices I make on how to spend my free time , are MY CHOICES and until I infringe upon the safety or freemdom of another because of my choices, the government WILL NOT tell me how I am to spend my free time, no matter WHAT is involved. Being responsilble with ALL the choices I make, thats my job , not theirs. Every minute of every day, somewhere , a man comes home , drinks a few beers and beats his wife and or kids, so should alcohol be illegal because of a mans PERSONAL choice to batter his spouse? Choice, its all about CHOICE.

  • No, both on principle and on the shortcomings of when this has been tested in the past.

    No, welfare recipients should not be drug tested. Not only is the notion that they should be tested without suspicion accusatory and stereotyping in its nature, it is also arguably in violation of the Fourth Ameendment. For evidence of where it has been tested before and failed you need look no further than Florida. The state lost more money paying for the drug tests than it gained by being able to take the people off who failed.

  • It's Simply Unfeasible

    There's a reason that it hasn't worked for the states that have legalized it. It just wastes money and adds yet another problem for the government and welfare applicants to worry about. Also, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights states that everyone is subject to the right of the presumption of innocence; everyone is innocent until proven guilty. If we were to make drug testing on welfare recipients mandatory, this would completely go against the presumption of innocence, and is instead stereotyping these lower-class citizens as a group of drug addicts.

  • It's a waste

    Let's really take this seriously. It cost so much money and most people are not even tested positive. Also, the people on drugs still need money for them to survive. Why waste your money and time when they still need help? It's a a waste. Come one people! HAha ha

  • Lack of results

    If you are going to try and violate the constitution by in infringing on someone's protections of no unnecessary search and seizure then it has to at least be effective... And it's not. Florida's drug testing program cost the state $45,780 and only 2.6% failed. In Michigan, only 8% out of 268 people tested positive. Those aren't exactly results that justify breaking the constitution.

  • Who is they?

    Just wondering who is this they, I hear many speak of? The they that abuse drugs a large percent of the time are not on welfare and are functional in their addiction. It's insulting to stereotype poverty as drug addicted. Speaking as a registered nurse and single mother of three. I may not fit your stereotype. I have three children, and no they do not all have different fathers, in fact they all share the same father whom I was married to for 10 years. As a result of my divorce I put myself through nursing school, but not before living in my car, being on welfare and constantly being subjected to scrutiny, yet I am the person that takes care of you and the first rule of thumb I'm taught as your nurse is not to judge. How ironic that I who for many years lived a charmed life with my children only to find myself subjected to scrutiny of what others think my children do or do not deserve. The poor are not the problem, poverty is. Instead of worrying about what others considered a handout for the poor worry about the handouts the middle class and wealthy take as handouts disguised as entitlements. Worry about the fathers who are not taking care of their children and the system that does nothing about it and a system where one must work just to pay someone else to raise their children. Until you've walked in anothers shoes you cannot judge or even have a relevant opinion. Maybe tour mother was a single parent, but we're you? It is not the same although feeling a tied connection you would want to convince yourself it is. Knowledge is power, be informed.

  • Let's look at the statistics though.

    If you look at the actual numbers you will realize that millions of dollars would go to drug testing these people. When observing states who have already implemented new legislation regarding this, you will realize that in most of them less than 1% of welfare recipients are actually abusing substances. What does that save us? A couple thousand dollars? In comparison to the millions that will be spent on these drug test, it is obvious that it is not worth it. Yes, these statistics are real, I have been researching this for quite some time.

  • Don't take away their freedom.

    I do not believe it is right to have them drug tested. And many believe that oh they should have to get drug tested because I have to get drug tested to get a job. But having a job is completely different than receiving welfare. You're getting tested for you job so that you're healthy and so your managers and company know you are healthy and able to complete your job duties. I don't think health or what is in your system has to do with providing your family with the basic needs. This is coming from a seventeen year old, guys.

  • What is the point?

    There's no stopping it. There are always going to be people out there that do drugs and need financial help from the government. People that do drugs are still PEOPLE. They need money, food, and a roof over their head too and an addiction is an addiction, its not easy to quit. The fact that they do drugs doesn't take away their right as a living and breathing organism that also has needs.

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