Should welfare recipients be subject to mandatory birth control?

  • If you can't provide, don't procreate

    It's quite simple. If you can not or will not get off your butt to get a job, you should not be allowed to have children and be on Welfare. Have some pride, get off the government tit. Get a job and be a contributing member of society. Too many folks feel entitled!

  • Thank you lord

    No one should get welfare for more than a year. But definitely testing deadbeats for drugs is a good way.

    Next we want birth licensing!! No money no kids!! Why should we all support others problem, kids when they all walk around with cell phones, etc.

    Responsibility starts from within, not having everybody pay for others mistakes!

  • It's called being responsible for yourself.

    I understand that the state of our economy has made it difficult for many to get by. But ask yourself this question: if the government assistance wasn't there, would a person choose to have children and let them starve to death? No parent in their right mind would make that choice. The world has an over-population problem. We have a government on the verge of economic collapse. We have a shortage of natural resources. To pay people that continue to have children when they cannot support them is irresponsible and contributes to the problems of our society.

  • If you can't support yourself, don't ask society to support you and your children

    Parents who cannot support themselves,mor raise a child without government assistance should not have them. Children should not be raised in poverty and are not reaponsible for the poor choices of their parents. However, society as a whole is not responsible for supporting poor families. Welare should be reserved for the diabled or for those who have fallen on hard times, not those who don't have the means to provide for a child to begin with.

  • Yes, welfare recipeints should be subjected to mandartory birth control.

    If you cannot provide for your children, then it does not make sense to have more children. My husband and I decided after our third child that we could not afford to have anymore. That is when I had a tubal ligation performed. We wanted to be able to take care of our family.

  • Non sustainable economic plan

    We are currently experiencing a population boom primarily in people receiving entitlements Which will only add to the projected $814 trillion 2016 deficit. If you can't support yourself you can't support a child. I believe everyone should have the right to make there own decisions but to add to the surplus population and increase the burden on an already stressed economy is making decisions for everyone else.

  • We must do something to break the poverty cycle and curb our population growth.

    I have been trying to figure out how to break the poverty cycle and along with increased education, there must be a way to lower the number of children born into poverty. Mandatory birth control makes sense. Many births are unplanned and currently 38% of mothers are raising their children alone. Some can do it, some can't. If they can't afford children, they should not be allowed to recklessly keep having them.

  • It's called common sense

    If you can't support yourself, and you need help from the state to pay the bills, what ON EARTH are you doing having a child? Children who are born into poverty do worse in school, often have developmental problems, are more likely to drop out of school and have children out of wedlock. If you need welfare to get back on your feet, fine. But don't have a child when you're unable to care for yourself. Like I said, it's common sense.

  • Quit subsidizing reproductive irresponsibility

    Adults have to make choices and those choices should have consequences. The most important decision a person can make is to bring another life into this world. Too many people give little, if any, thought to this decision. As a result, we throw more money at them in the form of SNAP and other public assistance. They grow in that environment and learn the dependency mentality and repeat the cycle again and again. Entire generations who live off the system b/c that is what they've always done. They drop out of school at 16 and get pregnant, b/c that's what their parents and grandparents did.
    If one's society is nice enough to give you money, that is not yours, to support yourself and your kid/s in what should be a time of crisis, then the least a person can do is make the decision to not further burden their family or their society by having another child they cannot support. I think a mature adult would understand the situation and agree to take contraceptives. A reasonable person who really is in a time of crisis will understand how another child is not a good decision.
    But the problem doesn't lie with the responsible adults who understand. The problem is with the individuals I referred to earlier, who don't care. Well okay, if you don't care...And this isn't your money anyway...We'll make the decision for you. If you don't like it, too bad. Then you don't get welfare. Period. We will not continue to take from those who are responsible and give to those who are not.

  • Support yourself if you are truly able!

    It is difficult enough to raise children today, being on welfare makes it even more so. There is no reason to not be on birth control if you can't support the children you already have. It is unfair to the children, and unfair to the taxpayers. If you are able to work then get out there and get a job! I get my tired old butt off to work everyday and it ticks me off to no end to see someone perfectly able to work AND younger than I am sitting on their front porch doing absolutely nothing while I drive off to work!

  • no

    that would be like forcing fat people to eat healthy. Some people can't even take certain birth control methods, and many of them actually have some pretty dangerous side effects for some people as well.

    Are we becoming like China or something? Why do people want so much government control anyways? The less government control the better, pretty soon they will be stating when you can and can't have sex and with whom... give it a break.

  • No, welfare recipients should not be subject to mandatory birth control.

    No, I believe that welfare recipients should never be subject to mandatory birth control. This is an issue where there should be no flexibility, because birth control is a right that all women should have the access to. To suggest that welfare recipients should be forced to go on birth control would be an egregious violation of rights, and in the U.S., women and men, poor and rich should be treated as equals, and nobody should be forced to choose between welfare and a baby.

  • No

    That is taking away their right to give birth to as many kids as they like is wrong. I believe that its unfair. People learn quickly that they should have kids when they are older and in more of a stable environment quickly. Taking away that learning will cause even more birth.

  • I disagree completely with mandatory birth control

    I don't think it should be mandatory because any woman should be able to have as many kids as they want, and what if the birth control makes them ill. No woman should have to be put on anything they don't want to be on. Another reason is because they might not get to afford birth control so it should not be mandatory!!!!

  • Possibly Better Solution

    Rather than infringe on someone's Constitutional rights, weakening all our civil rights, why not limit the financial support by only funding one or not more than two children? I don't believe in forced sterilization which will give more power to an already corrupted government. I believe the only thing that should be forced is personal responsibility. Should the recipient exceed the limit then it's up to them to feed their own children, not the taxpayers. Free birth control should be available for all women that are on the welfare system. Personal responsibility is always the best solution to any problem.

  • Noo it's our freedom and our right!

    That would be taking away freedom. We do live in the United States don't we? We have the right to how many kids we can have. NOT all people who are on welfare are lazy, some people are on welfare and have 2 or 3 jobs. The welfare is well used.

  • REALLY, Yes people educate yourself!!!!

    First of all, in my state, white people holds the highest percent of welfare so that would leave a lot of white starving children. Secondly, I'm not sure why everyone is so angry about welfare money when the father of those children end up paying that money back. You need to focus on prisons, that's where all the money is going. You will spend millions in tax dollars for one prisoner which don't compare to welfare at all. Get over it, welcome to Babylon the Great!

  • No to dictatorship

    No excuse for taking freedom of choice away from people. It won't solve the issue of people being on welfare. It won't lessen those on parenting payments. Many women who are relying on parenting payment left a relationship that became abusive after they had their baby. Many of those women had good jobs that weren't kept open for them. An employer can always find a reason to get rid of an employee (business has been slow and we can't afford to continue your employment sorry). Circumstances can change for anyone; this punitive system based on you shouldn't have children if you can't afford them misses that point. All medications carry risks and should never be given by force.

    Australia needs to take a good hard look at employment opportunities for all and equal opportunity rather than using people as scapegoats for the mismanagement of our country.

  • Welfare started as temporary help for people falling on hard times. The great depression

    I can only speak about what I see here in Louisiana. That is 2&3 generations of welfare recipients. Never worked a day in there life and passing that life on to the children. It's a vicious cycle. Between welfare food stamps and government housing they aren't doing to bad. It's time to cut off the government tit. If it was a little harder life it may make them get off there butts.

  • This is Eugenics

    Look, I hate it when people take advantage of welfare services and feel entitled, but that does not give anyone the right to force them to keep from procreating. I would encourage welfare recipients to use contraception at least until they get a job, but forcing them is just a despicable as them sapping our tax dollars. This is exactly the kind of thing eugenicists advocated and it's not right. It is pure evil.

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